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Okay taking basic concepts who they are in general and what your plans are with them along with Clan / Covenant if it feels right we will hash out the rest in the game character creation thread.

But please read the following as it will be fairly important to your submission.

Note the number of characters being accepted is somewhat open ended and should read 1 or more not just 1

Game Description:

This game will be a Vampire the Requiem World of Darkness game that will be set in Sin City the City that Never Sleeps. However, this is a sort of alternate time-line version that melds fiction (Frank Miller's Sin City) with reality (Las Vegas) and while set in modern times there will be various changes to the city that players may or may not be aware of based on their backgrounds. Lastly I will be moving much of the books New Orleans story framework into the this Sin City in order to give you all some preset game material that you can draw from when developing your characters. Into this I will be sprinkling a few other personalities that will hopefully put an interesting spin on the games blue event horizon Lastly the actual final story framework will most likely change as players create their characters and they are inserted within the city so keep this in mind as well.

Note while this game will be a bit dark and gritty, the characters are still the heroes of these stories as such totally amoral characters will not be accepted and iffy characters may get passed on as well.

In Sin City there is a shaky truce. A truce between those who rule the streets and those who rule... everything.

All one has to remember is that there is no justice without... Sin

Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little... push.

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Posting interest, will come up with a concept soon.

Consider me interested... I just need to see if I can develop a compelling concept to run with.

Actually, I do have one (it's one of those old concepts I've never really gotten to run) but it's only viable if you have Book of Spirits and allow Blood Tenebrous as a Discipline.

Something of Hank McCoy+Peter Venkman, then crossed with a Vampire. (Gangrel of the Ordo Dracul with a specialty in spirits and the spirit world.)

Well MaJunior I would kind of like to understand this idea bit more clearly I have looked that over and while it has possibilities I would like to have a foreshadowing of what you planned to do with it. Of course you not just asking for the Discipline to be available you are asking for the Discipline to be available to all -- and frankly I am going to say I am rather shy of doing that so if you cannot make it with a Mekhet -- then I need a real compelling story to allow it.

Well, the idea of the dichotomy of an individual formerly more accustomed to intellectual or scholarly pursuits who loses his mental edge and is still struggling with a covenant that lends itself towars the scientific (or psuedo-scientific/occult) mindset has a certain appeal. As for Blood Tenebrous, it explores an element of the game universe Vampires seldom delve into, providing means to find.sustenance and allies in unexpected locations.

Okay noted both of you.


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