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Thank you for the link. I wasn't aware the site policy was so strict.

I'm afraid I have violated this numerous times in keeping with the setting of the games I play. One of the core mechanics of the game is critical effects on locations of the body. Every rollable result is WAY outside the realm of this site's policy.

Sorry to persist but I still have a question I need answered.

If I take measures to ensure the content has minimal visibility to the site's community can I get some leniency?

Nope, and now that we know about it we will be watching. It's not the kind of site we want to run, we do not want to lose our ad revenue, and there's no such thing as limited visibility to a google web crawler. If you really want to run something graphic and want explicit over implied you will have to find an alternate site.

Dude, why are you playing FATAL?
EDIT: it isn't that strict, either. Walking Dead is quite violent and has varrious sexua themes. It's stuff like rape that's just not cool. Things get weird fast when you break the rules even without mod intervention.

I dont know, the Black Crusade critical hit charts aren't too bad, for example this is what you get when you roll a 9 on a critical hit with an energy weapon on the head:

Originally Posted by Black Crusade, Core Rulebook Page 249
Superheated by the attack, the target's brane explodes, tearing apart his skull and sending flaming chunks of meat flying at those nearby. The target is no more.
Thats... well it describes it but it doesn't go into massive detail, or perhaps I am just desensitized to such things?

To me that is nothing, but based on what I have read it seems a little extreme.

Basically, we just say he was shot in the head and died. No nitty gritty.

Maybe if we just went with "His head explodes." I think the more graphic bits are what makes such things a "nono".

What kind of game is this?

Originally Posted by Ramaloke View Post
<snip quoted bit from rulebook>
Again: Psycho vs Saw.

SciFi. The games motto is There is only war.

Its starting to baffle me a little bit because all four of the rule sets take place in this universe and they are all dark and violent. Given what I know now it is kind of shocking this site supports them.

I've run WH40k RPGs before with no trouble keeping in the PG-13 guidelines. Here's a good phrase: "Just because you can doesn't mean you should." For example, just because you can describe something in lavish, horrific detail doesn't mean you should.

The Psycho vs Saw comparison is an apt one. If you wish to horrify players, you don't need to show them blood splatters and graphic depictions of rape.


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