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A little help, I need an arcane spell

Which is also the argument for wraithstrike. And that has the benefit of actually being legal.

Originally Posted by Wippit Guud View Post
Would permanent Wings of Cover be an "I win" button?
Depending on how the GM would actually rule it but...

Originally Posted by Wings of Cover
(...)creating a hemispherical barrier (or a spherical barrier if you are not standing on solid ground) of force shaped like (...)
Change the duration to permanent and... you have taken yourself out of the fight - or maybe even out of the game, as the spell doesn't state anything about the barrier moving, imprisoning you in a hemisphere of force...

... Giant hamster ball of doom.

What does your character already have solutions for?

1) Getting to the enemy
2) Not getting killed by the enemy
3) Killing the enemy

Originally Posted by Will Caleb View Post
That said. Personally... I think I'd lean toward permanent Haste. Whole other attack. And I think move and AC bonus.
Untyped bonuses to boot as well. So it will stack with other things that help BAB/movement/Dodge AC like Inspire Courage (Bard song), Bless, etc.

The SRD (and Rules Compendium p.21 in case you have a copy) says that Untyped bonuses stack as long as they're from different sources. I.E: Two instances of Haste won't stack, but Haste and an item/feat that gives untyped bonuses to BAB/movement/Dodge AC will stack.

This alone makes permanent Haste my personal choice.


Originally Posted by Wippit Guud View Post
Haste - have it permanent
Now...what other suggestions are there?

I think Sithobi1's breakdown might be a helpful way of thinking about it, Wippit. Melee characters usually have the most difficulty with #1, it seems to me.

Is this effect being applied to your character in a way that's un-dispellable? If so, then you might want to consider something like Fly. I know it's not very original, and you'll probably have a caster in the party to give you the same buff, but it really sucks to lose your flight when you need it most--and the times when you'd need it most are also the times when the enemy is most likely to be able to dispel it.

If you want to get funny, try asking for a permanent discern location effect on yourself. You always know where you are--right there!

Actually, meld into stone might be a cool party trick as well as handy for setting up ambushes or improving your ability to get around: since it's a continuous effect, you could travel through the stone. It'd be a cool way of entering the BBEG's fortress. Heck, you could even merge with blocks above you in order to 'climb' a tower, then expel yourself into top floor.

Moment of prescience strikes me as being even better (potentially) than True Strike (as a constant effect), since the bonus can go up to +25 and can also be used for opposed checks, skill checks, and saving throws.

If you're going up against an intelligent enemy and the DM likes to foil your plans by having that enemy simply perform a little bit of divination (and thus prepare perfect countermeasures), choosing one of the various anti-divination spells as a permanent/continual effect could be strong.

Looking to break the broken eh WG?

BOED for the win
Starmantle: ignore non magic weapons, magic weapons ref save DC 15 for half damage

Spell Turning could be quite useful.

What about Bite of the Werebear? I think it is level 7 for +16 STR, +8 CON, +7 Natural Armor, a couple natural attacks, Blind-Fight & Power Attack as bonus feats. If I am mis-remembering and it is actually level 8, then just take Bite of the Weretiger instead.


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