Application - Thornwell

Application - Thornwell

Name : Thornwell
Race : Human - Chelaxian
Class : Wizard - Divination Specialist

Brief Description : Davian Thornwell is a tall, slender man of primarily Chelaxian descent. He carries himself well, but is prone to being distracted by the details of things. He bears the prized Chelaxian trait of red hair, and wears it long to go with his well trimmed beard. He has a pair of thin glasses that he uses when reading, especially in dim light. He is prone to asides when speaking, and can be reserved; but he does enjoy humor and good company and is quick to laugh and enjoy things like music, festivals, food and drink.

Brief History : Thornwell is first and foremost a scholar, with a keen mind. He was born poor and apprenticed at an early age to a rich merchant who needed someone to keep books and records. The merchant kept a rather large book collection and Thornwell took it upon himself to catalog and read nearly every volume, including some on the art of magic. Thornwell is part of a rare breed - the self taught magician.

He is something of an expert on ancient Thassilon, having read several volumes on the ancient masters of Varisia. When his merchant / master died a year ago, Thornwell set out into the world, yearning for a deeper understanding of both magic and the history of his home region.

Thornwell is in Sandpoint on the rumor that there were some small Thassilonian ruins nearby. He has only been in town a week or so and is staying at the local inn. He isn't in a hurry and is just enjoying what the town has to offer for now.

List the Campaign Trait you intend to choose: Thassilonian Scholar

Tell Me Something :
Examples: Pick somewhere between two and five of these, or if you think of something else you'd rather tell so long as it's something I can get a feel of your character's style.

Thornwell never goes by his first name, simply because he isn't used to it. He hasn't seen either his mother or father since the age of eight, and the merchant whom he served the remainder of his life prior to a year ago always called him by his last name.

Thornwell has a voracious mind, and there is little in the way of knowledge that doesn't fascinate him. History and magic are his favorite subjects though, and since the study of Thassilon offers both, he can't get enough.

Thornwell finds it wise to respect all he good and neutral aligned gods, but he feels closest to Abadar, simply because he imagines the world of the Gods to be a neatly ordered one, with many records, ledgers and books being kept.

Thornwell doesn't really consider himself an adventurer, he considers himself a scholar. However, he finds adventuring itself exciting, and longs for the opportunity to make new discoveries. When not doing this he is usually engaged in study, enjoying the company of the people who live in whatever town he is in, or traveling from place to place. The world fascinates him.

Thornwell would not be prone to seeking revenge. If possible, he will live and let live.

Thornwell does have a personal sense of honor though. If someone harmed a friend to get at him, he would likely seek justice. In this case he would been looking to punish the person to discourage them from similar acts. He would use his brain to do this. If hiring some local goons to give the person a good kicking was the easiest path, Thornwell would take it. He would not try to kill the person unless there was no alternative.

Thornwell would certainly accept the drinks and would try to get along so long as the person was harmless. If he simply didn't like them he would take a stance of polite neglect until they went away. If they were really obnoxious, he might use a charm or sleep spell to remove them from the scene without harming them.

Thornwell would help a child in need even if he didn't like the parents.

Thornwell has several keepsakes from the merchant who raised him, who wasn't always that good to him but did look after him. His glasses are one such reminder. They serve a practical purpose, but ultimately Thornwell can get by without them, though long bouts of reading will give him a headache. The merchant took the expense of buying them to make his ward more comfortable, and Thornwell looks on them as a pretty much the only symbol of fatherly love he ever received.

Extra Credit : Answer These Questions in Brief (One or two lines at most)
What is your character's favorite food?


Where do they get their clothing cleaned? (Or do they just throw away dirty things and buy more?) Thornwell usually cleans his own clothes, but if he does not have the time he will hire a washing woman who seems pleasant. He prefers to hire Varisian women as he considers them more down to earth. He likes Varisians in general for this reason.

Name One Guilty Pleasure.

Mead. Thornwell loves mead.

Is your character allergic to anything? (Sneeze around horses or get a rash from eating broccoli sort of allergies)


When was the last time your character laughed?

The night before, at a funny performance from a bard. Thornwell loves laughing and good company. He's not a dour wizard at all.

Bacon: (Pick One)
- Foul Flesh of an Unclean Beast!
- Ooh, so greasy, you already have trouble getting the armor fastened, don't you?
- Proof that the Gods really love us!

What I am looking for (beyond the connection to the campaign and some idea of a person in your character's bio) is a feel for your character. A sense of how you will play them and how they might interact with the other players.

EDIT: Traits - I'll take the Scholar of the Ancients trait (I had the wrong name up above) His second trait will be mathematical prodigy. Thornwell has literally been an accountant since the age of ten and is very quick with numbers.

Just because I'm going to comment to everyone once; your application is very nicely done. I appreciate the assistance you've given in the other threads as well.

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