Application - Tzios

Application - Tzios

Name : Tzios
Race : Aasimar. (Peri-Blooded)
Class : Sorcerer. Going to multiclass to wizard later, which may seem crazy, but don't worry m'lord I have cunning a plan.
Role: Knowledgeable motive sensor, evocator and all round party buffer.

Brief Description : Tall and slim, this pale skinned, blonde haired woman walks with a noticeable limp. Oft clad from head to toe in either flowing robes or tough but practical clothes, she wouldn't deign to show off any bare skin other than her hands and face, preferring to hide her abundant collection of scars from sight.

She usually has a slight smile on her face, as if she is aware of something you are not, which does occasionally make her come over as slightly condescending, which added to her erudite manner and expansive vocabulary can lead to her getting into trouble more often than not.

Brief History : Tzios is unaware who her mother is, but her father was, and still is an ancient gold dragon, living in the elemental plane of fire, a fact she was not aware of till she was in her mid twenties. Tzios was raised at an orphanage in varisia along with hundreds of other children, and was a rather tumultuous and rowdy child, whose arcane powers manifested during the onset of puberty. Her growing abilities which she had no control over and tended to leak in moments of passion and anger caused a lot of trouble, and headaches for the Matron Mothers of the orphanage, and at 13 she was almost forced from the orphanage and commanded to find someway to get her abilities under control.

After a few failed mentors, where things generally tended to go downhill pretty fast One time accidentally burning down a priceless library, her masters familiar, and three, thankfully abandoned, city blocks. Another time she ended up almost immolating herself, giving her the permanent burn scars that linger to this day.

It wasn't until she was in her late teens that she met the woman she truly considered, and still considers to be her teacher, both in magic, and in life in general. An amazingly friendly, charismatic, and exceedingly dangerous woman named Tebaun Vlos, a elf of all things, though with the woman's amazing illusory abilities and transformative spells that might not have been true either. Tebaun was attached to a travelling circus as a dancer, as she had been for a few years on and off, leaving when she got bored, and returning when she felt like it, and she saw something in Tzios that interested her, and despite her flighty manner managed to ingrain in Tzios the desire to really grow with her magical abilities, to break any boundaries or limits that she may have, and to all in all just love life. She also most importantly taught her that if one method of magic doesn't work for you, that there is no reason you can't learn another.

With that in mind, she eventually left her mentor, and went out into the world to learn all that she could learn, making friends and enemies wherever she travelled, taking odd jobs and quests here and there to make ends meet or if they had suitable rewards. It was during these years in her twenties that she eventually came across hints to her past, and learned of her connection to the Ancient Dragon that she is descended from, the being she refuses to call father, the one that she hopes, in time to surpass in power and prove to him that she is better than him, that he made a mistake to abandon her that day.

In the decade since she made that oath, she has grown much, both in abilities and in character, having travelled to lands far and wide, until this day where she stands in dusty Sandpoint, a bag on her back, a walking stick in hand, and magic in her blood.

'Trait: Touched by Tragedy - Nualia Tobyn' Tzios felt a connection to Nualia Tobyn, since she understands well what it means to be an orphan, and to be blessed (Or cursed, depending on your point of view) with unique looks, something she too had an issue with until she learned to hide at least the more obvious traits of her mixed heritage.

Tzios has never felt a need to worship a god, since unlike so many born to the prime material, she can feel at a fundamental level her connection to the divine, able to tell it is a part of her as much as the air she breathes, and the magic she wields. If she had to choose a deity that she had thanked the most in her life, it would be Nethys, as she has made much use of the knowledge his worshipers have learned, and she understands well the lesson that he has taught all who wield arcane powers.

Between adventures Tzios tends to try to expand upon her abilities, learn all that she can, and cause as much trouble as she can for her Father, be that defeating his agents in this realm, or generally causing trouble for his ventures.

If someone wronged her it would depend on the degree of wrongness to how badly she would react. Something like bumping her, she would do little more than frown. Pick pocketed she would likely track the thief with her prestigious magical abilities, and depending on what was actually taken either leave him bleeding, or give him a permanent reminder as why they should never, ever cross her again.

If someone beat up a friend of hers for no other reason that to make her angry, she would likely burn them. Badly. Or take their ability to ever beat someone up again away.

If someone was overly friendly with her, she would likely stay friends with them, though staying distant on the inside at least. She would sew, to see what could be later harvested, as it were, as she was never one to waste without reason, and a contact who thinks you are their friend might come in handy at a later date. She wouldn't take advantage of them sexually either, as frankly she doesn't have much of an interest in that kind of thing, all the conflicting bloodlines and magics in her blood, combined with the extensive scars have kind of removed much interest she has.

If an old rival or enemy who used to bully and abuse me when I was young came and begged for my help, I probably would help them, either to get something of worth out of them, to use them as a future contact if they were of a position of worth, or if she was in a particularly vindictive mood, betray them at the last moment.

Her favorite item is a carved and ornate staff that was left with her basket at the orphanage, and was said to belong to her mother, who she has still been unable to find anything about to this day. She keeps it with her at all times, and even now uses it as a walking stick to help her keep up with fitter friends despite her scarwork.

Her favorite food is live seafood, i.e. Octopus, squid, etc.
She tends to clean her own clothing, magic is handy that way, and its one of the few of her abilities she has under enough control to not accidentally cause fires.
Her guilty pleasure is playing with fire, despite how dangerous it is, and how much damage she has done with it, both to herself and others, she can't seem to resist the draw of it.
She isn't allergic to anything to her knowledge, though brimstone always makes her nose itch.
The last time she laughed was when reading the 'Adventures of Thadeus Baldwick in the Sanctum of Mu', a rather inaccurate and fanciful journal of the trials and tribulations of a posh and rather clumsy mage.
Bacon: Proof that the Gods really love us!
- Though there are better meats.

A slight side note for this character, she will focus mainly on evocation magic once she gets higher level (3-4+ or so, once she has a better handle on her powers) Till then it will be a mix of buffing and debuffing spells, mixed with the occasional burning hands spell.

Without going into the detail I would like due to my connection issues...

I am very likely to require Planetouched to be a Trait. They are stronger than other races, by a pretty significant margin. But advancement quickly outpaces that strength. Unless a game has lots of magical spell attackers in the first two levels it is unlikely the DR issue will ever come up as a significant strength.

I am much more concerned about the 'going to multiclass as wizard' aspect since it creates unbalancing issues that have far greater consequences at higher levels. But I rarely worry about 'sometime in ten level' issues at game start. After a month of two of play, you may change your mind entirely about the direction you intend for the future.

Please put your picture in spoiler tags at the bottom of your submission so it does not interfere with my ability to quickly review it for comparisons to other submissions.

Hokey Smokes. I totally cannot beleive I missed this in two or three reviews I've done of your app.

Gota take the Drow out of your background.

Drow do not exist. Or rather, they do but no one has encountered them yet. Certainly there are none wandering around the surface and openly befriending anyone. If it is all illusions, no one knows what a Drow is to make an illusion of one.

Can do. Just based on a rather high level bard character of mine, felt it would be a nice little bit of narrative causality to have their stories intertwine at one.


Just because I'm going to comment to everyone once; your application is very nicely done.

You've been able to discuss things with me about your character and not get personal. I myself can tend to get snarky on occasion, hazard of being in the military and growing up with a very cynical Pop. Anyways, I appreciate the effort you've done on not just your character but in the other areas of the forum as well.

Considering the emails this morning, if you wanted to switch to a different class, now would be the time to get those changes made.

The only consideration I would have is your stated intention to mutli-class as a wizard. But we would just have to see how it played out and if you ever got time to do it. You don't just wake up one morning and decide to start reading spell books, not when magic comes so easy to you without all that boring study stuff.

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