Application- Alaren Longhill

Application- Alaren Longhill

Alaren Longhill
Human ranger.
Akaren is a large man, standing at 6' 1" and weighing 206, but he has surprising grace and stealth. He has short hair and a close cut beard , both of which are a bright coppery red. Alaren has learned the price of pragmatism and wears clothes or function not fashion, so he stands out in more metropolitan areas. He carries himself with confidence, not to the point of arrogance but a man who can handle himself. Usually straight faced he still appreciates hum our and has a booming laugh. He keeps the arrowhead that killed his first bear around his neck for luck and the reminder that he accomplished something many had not done, especially at 12.
Alaren grew up hungry, his Father was a drunk and it forced him to take care of the family, as a result he started hunting since he could draw a bow. His parents have since passed and his siblings grown. He now wanders the realm looking for work that requires his skill as a master of field craft, archery and tracking. He words as a scout in times of war to whoever pays the right price. Everyone needs a break though, and with that Alaren found himself in Sandpoint on the day of the festival.

Traits-Big game hunter, Lone wolf.

You need to give me all the information I requested for applications or you will not be considered for the game.

Your application is incomplete. If you do not provide a complete one by Monday then you will not be considered for this game.

I am sorry, but you have not completed any of the basics I required for applications. I cannot tell if you have even checked in and read this thread since you posted it.

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