Milo Lebbick

Milo Lebbick

Name: Milo Lebbick
Race: Human
Class: Fighter

Brief Description: Milo Lebbick is a short and stout but very sturdy young man. He has light brown skin and hair and eyes due to being one-quarter Shoanti and three-quarters Chelish. His hands are large, capable, and callused from gripping a sword. His voice is a soft baritone.

Milo smiles a lot, mostly to himself. He seldom looks anyone in the eye for very long. He has a gentle, nonthreatening manner even though he is strong and bears training scars. He is good at paying attention and listening and keeping secrets.

He favors grey and blue for his clothes. He shaves meticulously.

Brief History: Milo Lebbick's mother is a once-lovely and still pretty half-Shoanti bookkeeper in Sandpoint. She had been courted by many men before eventually and unwisely marrying a merchant who got himself killed by goblins a year after they wed.

His strongest friendship growing up was with a man he met while examining goods in a pawnshop. They shared an interest in relics and antiques. It was only as Milo grew older that he noticed the town guard paid unusual attention to him and sometimes demanded to examine the contents of his sack.

It seemed that his friend was a notorious thug and fence, but Milo stubbornly refused to end their association. Perhaps because he appreciated the boy's loyalty, the thug had his henchman teach Milo how to fight. He also learned about dungeons, how to navigate them and the kinds of monsters he was likely to encounter.

Milo got into trouble recently with the law and has been drilling with the town militia as part of his punishment. As he trains, he dreams of exploring a dungeon and bringing back a Thassilonian antique or two. He knows better than to do so alone, though.

Probable campaign traits: Gressel Tenniwar. Second trait is Goblin Watcher or, less likely, Scholar of the Ancients.

Tell Me Something:

Someone Important #1: Sheriff Belor Hemlock is a Shoanti and one of the most notable figures in Sandpoint. A fatherless part-Shoanti boy like Milo Lebbick should look up to the man and consider him a role model, right?

People who think that would be wrong.

The town guards had been regularly watching Milo ever since he became the friend of Gressel Tenniwar and his possible accomplice in crime. So when an irate neighbor dragged Milo before Belor for running through and trampling his flower bed, the two already knew of each other. The town guards often told Milo to "shape up and be more like Deputy Hemlock", and Belor's men had described Milo as "Mira's son, hanging around that no-good criminal".

Deputy Sheriff Belor delegated the job of chewing out miscreant Milo to the Captain of the Second Watch, Jorge. Jorge loudly berated the small fat boy for his misdeed and blamed his bad behavior on Gressel Tenniwar. Stubborn Milo just glared back. The lecture ended only when Mira arrived and Belor sentenced Milo to pay restitution (1 silver piece) to the neighbor.

After that incident, Milo's friendship with Gressel became even stronger. After a lonely childhood, he hated to be told whom he could be friends with. And when Gressel offered to have his man teach Milo swordsmanship, Milo jumped at the chance eagerly. His main reason for learning to fight was so he could search for treasure, but he also wanted to be powerful enough to never be so bullied again.

Someone Important #2: After the flower-trampling incident, Milo did his best to keep out of trouble. At the beginning of summer, however, Milo made a big mistake: He got into a brawl with a young noble from Magnimar who commented, as Milo passed by, that "some people in this gods-forsaken fish town really need to bathe more often."

Milo was strong and was winning the fight, but unfortunately the nobleman brought bodyguards. They pulled him off and punched him up. So Milo was already having a really bad day when his mother, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, and Captain Jorge arrived.

The rich noble pressed a silk handkerchief to his bleeding nose and pointed angrily at the very bruised Milo as he screamed his complaints. Belor sentenced Milo to pay a huge fine, and Mira sobbed over her miscreant son.

Then Jorge spoke up and asked to that the fine be waived. Milo thought he was hallucinating; had Jorge really spoken up for him? Then Jorge grinned evilly in his direction and said he'd like to draft Milo into the town militia instead. Milo's face fell.

The past several months have been among the worst in Milo's life. Milo has been forced to drill at ungodly hours when he would much rather be sleeping in or enjoying himself. Worse, half his pitiful wage has gone to pay the fine and will continue to do so for an entire year.

Milo also has to attend lessons on military history, practice marching in formation, and do calisthenics. He is not sure which he hates most: studying the incredibly boring Battle of This and War of That, being poked in the ribs by the spears of clumsy squad mates, or doing pushups and jumping jacks.

Jorge likes to torment Milo even outside of militia duty. Not a week goes by without Milo catching Jorge staring at him and ruining his mood. He also makes up stupid chores for Milo to perform, like polishing shields in inventory, and demands that Milo do it as "part of his training."

Trait: Goblin Watcher: Milo is acquisitive without being particularly scholarly. He enjoys stories about ancient Thassilon without actually studying the empire's history in depth. He learns what is valuable, but for high scholarship, he depends on the expertise of others.

Spying on goblins as they pick through junk has only increased his desire to own some really fine antiques, especially masterwork armor or weapons he can use. It has also made him very careful around breakable objects. Far too often, Milo has observed a goblin uncover something that might have been valuable, but then drop it or smash it. He winces and curses whenever he hears something crash or shatter.

Hobbies: Between adventures, Milo practices fighting, browses through pawnshops looking for bargains, spies on goblins as they search through junk, arranges to visit Brodert Quink so he can pore through the scholar's library and look at pictures, and talks to Gressel at the Feedbag.

Sometimes he even visits the Pixie's Kitten. He hopes to gods his mother never finds out.

On Violence: Milo seldom resorts to violence. Being bumped in a crowd does not bother him at all. If someone picked his pocket, he might pummel the thief with his fists, but he would never draw a blade first. He is greedy for art, experiences, and opportunities more than he is for mere money.

He would be reluctant to call the town guard because they might believe the thief's word over his. It has happened before.

Heroism versus Vindictiveness: If someone who had bullied Milo as a child (calling his mother a whore for having a string of boyfriends) came to him and asked for his help in a dire situation, as long as the plea seemed sincere and not a practical joke, he would help the other man willingly. Milo does not keep grudges for very long, if at all.

Being bullied as a child, however, means that Milo is guarded around people his own age (in addition to his general antipathy towards authority figures). His friends are all at least 5 years older or younger than him.

Extra Credit:

Favorite food: Clam chowder with hard bread.
Where he gets his clothing cleaned: A laundress named Kuyori. Milo believes laundry is 'women's work'.
Guilty pleasure: Ginger or Scary at the Pixie's Kitten. For extra guilty, Ginger AND Scary.
Allergies: None, but Milo will say he is allergic to something he really doesn't want to eat or drink.
Last time he laughed: Less than 5 minutes ago, revisiting the memory of a joke he overheard years in the past.
Bacon: Ooh, so greasy, you already have trouble getting the armor fastened, don't you?

Settling on Fighter. Thanks for pointing out that I hadn't actually chosen yet, RT.

No major modifications have been made to the submission as of this writing.

Null Persp Omae

And if you change your mind, a minor step like Fighter to Ranger won't be a problem if you wanted. Tho I think there's no other front line fighters in the Apps right now.

With both Milo and Rodrick being more or less from the poor side of town, it is possible the two of you have crossed paths. Also considering that the Turandarok Academy is where most of the poorer children learn their letters, you might have crossed paths.

Just because I'm going to comment to everyone once; your application is very nicely done.

I appreciate the enthusiasm you've shown in the forums, though I may at times compare you to an eager puppy. (grin)

I like that your character is a thug, but a loyal one. You could have easily turned in a brute squad kind of tough guy but instead gave him a different outlook.

Thank you. I'm glad you like Milo. He is only the 2nd fighter character I have ever made for Pathfinder, so I may need assistance picking his feats.

Most of my roleplaying experience in D&D and Pathfinder is in cleric and wizard. Picked fighter because I'm trying to expand my repertoire and the gods of Golarion don't appeal.

If you mean by 'thug' that Milo is prone to violence, I believe he is not a thug. He is a nice guy with a gentle, nonthreatening manner. I actually plan on making his Wisdom fairly high.

I suppose he can have the occasional fistfight, but considering he is trained in steel, that does not seem very violent to me.

He might give the impression of being a thug at first glance, though. Especially since he is friends with Gressel.

Question: May I ask if Milo knows Gressel does not own the Fatman's Feedbag?

Lastly, I don't mind the impression I give of being an eager puppy. That's acceptable, especially if it makes the game go well.

Milo knows Gressel answers to someone else. Jubel is the local 'thug in charge' but he makes it very clear he does not want people talking about his business affairs. He likes you okay, and if you're up for a leg breaking job or two, he might trust you with more inside information. But I had the impression Milo didn't quite go for that.

I'm working on my sheet. It should be ready in the next 24 hours or so.

Milo's sheet is complete. I've added a link to his sheet as well as the stat block under spoilers.

Appraise is a class skill for him via the Goblin Watcher trait.

I put his favored class bonus for 1st level to +1 skill point.

I've changed the phrase 'Sheriff Hemlock' in Milo Lebbick's writeup above to 'Deputy Hemlock', to reflect what I now know about Sandpoint's chronology and Hemlock's age.

Edit: After further thought, just went with normal clothes and dagger while Milo attends the festivities.


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