Try your hand at Incarnum!

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Try your hand at Incarnum!

Incarnum: The Rending - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Oct 17 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Incarnates needed! Soulborn required! That's right, the time has come to dust off everyone's favourite supplement! No, not Tome of Battle, Magic of Incarnum! I know you've probably lost it by now, but just turn off the lights and follow the blue glow.

This is a brief one-shot to give people a chance to roll out stuff using Magic of Incarnum.

The setting is a world in which much is the same as in most D&D games, but incarnum is the only kind of magic known; there is limited spellcasting but it's all derived from the same source.

You play as L5 characters tasked with destroying the Necrocarnum Zombie(s) which have been plaguing your town, either because you're heroes or because the pay's good.

Most any WotC books and web excepts are open BUT no "magical" classes aside from meldshapers.
For full character creation rules, see here.

Game Description:

Alternate magic systems interest me. What if there was no Vancian magic, no Wizards, no Sorcerers? What if there were only - in this case - wielders of Incarnum?

Welcome to a world where one of D&D's least-used supplements takes centre stage. Here, all magic comes from the power of souls past - and future. What little magic there is that resembles "traditional" D&D magic will simply be a derivative of incarnum, drawn from the same sources.

This will be a one-shot game in which the players are called upon to hunt down a dangerous necrocarnate, designed to introduce people to Magic of Incarnum or give them a chance to play it, only for non-spellcasters and incarnum classes.

I've always been curious to play with this book Fred, and never had a chance to really get into it. I'm wanting to learn it some, but never having an opportunity has given me little chance to experiment.
I'm really looking to try an Incarnate going into the Soulcaster PrC.
I may need a little help to get that set up though, but if I do, I'll send ya a message

My god. That book is so alien the mere mentioning of it echoes an endless buffet of confusion.

And since I love punishing myself, can I read your game if it gets off?

I'll throw my hat in. Expect an app...sometime.

Originally Posted by Secutor View Post
My god. That book is so alien the mere mentioning of it echoes an endless buffet of confusion.

And since I love punishing myself, can I read your game if it gets off?

I've actually had a go at writing a condensed version of the basic MoI rules, because I don't feel as though the book was explained all that well. It's reads as more complicated than it actually is.

I'm so excited for this. Have you done anything to make the Soulborn worth playing as a meldshaper? (Considering that he doesn't even start the game with a point of essentia!)

I just have to decide between Totemist and Incarnate.

There will be a loose story but it's pretty much just to give people a chance to try out a new supplement, or one they haven't been able to use. If it goes well I might extend it but it's likely to be a few random encounters with a fast XP rate or something.

RE the Soulborn, yeah, he kind of sucks, and tbh he could get a point of essentia a level or two earlier without any harm done but I didn't want to start completely rebalancing things (the PrCs are houseruled enough as it is). I did expand the bonus feat list, though, so you can at least get a soulmeld or something.

Bear in mind that there are no real casters or anything. I think a spell-less Paladin will not really be any better than a Soulborn.

I think I only have looked at the book once but when you got them all its easy to do. I am willing to join.


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