A New Beginning

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A New Beginning

A New Beginning - Forum
Ad Closes: Oct 15 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Character Creation:
It is a 5th level campaign, your starting money is that of a 5th level adventurer. All Items bought must be run through me first, as well any pathfinder book is allowed. Secondly some 3.5 ed is allowed once it is run by me of course with sources cited. I also have roll 4d6 take the highest three re-roll 1-2's. No Chaotic Evil characters please, I will however make exceptions pending character.

I'm not looking for a character sheet right away, right now I'm looking for a good backstory and character concept. Tying in your backstory to this world is ideal. The application thread in on the forums under "New Applications".

One important note is that if you make a character with faith in any Deity let me know.

Estimated # of Players 6
I'm looking for some good roleplayers as this is a world building campaign. So much of what you do will go down in the history books. I would like a post a day but I am merely looking for a couple times a week. I don't ask for much but I like to see a good character!

Any questions will be answered ASAp!!

Game Description:

Almost all planes across all multiverses have war, battle, strive, and death. People lose lives and are worse off for it. One Planeswalker walked many of the planes with his vast power unable to personally interfere in the wars outcome. He could do one thing though to help those who wanted to leave, make a place for them to go. He created a Hub plane, a place that could reach to almost any multiverse, and he told any who he knew wanted to leave to come to his new world to live. It would have all the biomes needed for any race to live. Word spread like wildfire and all kinds of races, monsters, creatures of legend and more flooded this world to be free of their world's conflict. You are one of these new refugees, you left your home for safety, and you are here to rebuild and have a safe life. But how long can the promised safe realm be when all people from all walks of life live there.

"I have always been there, watching. Yet I have never met you, I am meeting you, and at the same time never will. Time and reality is a funny thing."
-Invictus Juliani

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@ PChubby Yah, but you can fill out backgrounds, what, where, when with "fluffiness" -- the Nagaji (other then having two legs rather then the half serpent bodies) are pretty good, bonus on poison ST's, +1 Nat Armour, etc

Yuan-ti are non-open-GL or whatever it is, anyway, so Pathfinder actually aren't allowed to print them. In fact, there might be lawyers heading over here right now to squash us for even typing their name!

Originally Posted by noobiegameplayer View Post
@ PChubby Yah, but you can fill out backgrounds, what, where, when with "fluffiness" -- the Nagaji (other then having two legs rather then the half serpent bodies) are pretty good, bonus on poison ST's, +1 Nat Armour, etc
I've no problem with the Nagaji. I just linked them and pointed out the differences.

It was Silverwolfer who found them boring w/o the free template stuff.

Okay, I thought we had until October 15th to finish apps, but I see now that it's the 14th, so that was my mistake. As a result I doubt I can finish my sheet on time. Just wanted to say that, and I hope you all have a great game.

I don't know what ''new applications'' thread is being spoken of, since I only see this one. Has that topic even been created yet?

Edit: Well, no dice rolling here, apparently. It yelled at me.

@Arrankhar: Go to Dredge's post and click on the button that says "Forum" above the "ad closes" date.

Today is the last day... I am accepting Character concepts until midnight.... you have 4 hours any interested parties.

So, I'm just looking into Pathfinder now, decided to give it a go since my friends rave about it nonstop. It's very 3.5-ish I see, which is neat, a few twists which I approve of, still it's a mighty thick PDF to read through. While obviously I plan to make my way through it, tl;dr syndrome is hitting me hard since it's prettymuch the same as the game system I've memorized from years and years ago.

Would you welcome a new Pathfinder in with the same gusto as an established player or would I be wasting my time slugging through the ap process with everyone else here?


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