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I'm a first-time user to this site, so I thought I'd say hi. I might be looking slightly different than other folks here, so I figured I could talk about it and see if anyone still thinks I'm sane.

Basically, I really enjoy Pathfinder, and I've created more or less a full squad of heroes. Are there any GMs here who enjoy running 1-on-1 games in such a situation? I've been in several 1-on-1 games and the biggest drawback is that the GM has a disproportionate amount of work to do. If the PC has to write for several characters, however, that tends to make things a bit more balanced.

But anyway. I'm glad to be here, and hope I find some great games.

Welcome Aboard Billy.
You sound completely and totally insane! I'm sure you will fit in well

Welcome Billy,

I've not seen any games which have advertised for 1 player to play an entire party, as most GM's (myself included) like the diversity multiple players bring, and the interplay you get between them can oft times be hilarious.

Of course if you wanted to create an entire group yourself at a certain level, you could adverise on the Game Ads thread that you were a group looking for a GM ... who knows, maybe you'll get a nibble

Also, the GM will always have a disproportionate amount of work to do ... it's the way of the world and the sacrifice GM's put in to make a game enjoyable for their players ...

Thank you for your advice, I might do that. The largest problem I encounter with big groups online is the tendency to lose players, either to real-life situations or just plain losing interest. There doesn't seem to be an easy way for GMs to keep that from happening.

it does certainly happen, I've been involved in about 20-ish games on here since I first started about 3 years ago, and i would say that of those, only two have completed and the game ended as it was goal driven, I am still in seven, though two of those are on hold, and of the other five, I'm DM'ing one and one of the others is the very first game I joined on here 3 years ago as a level 1 cleric (she's now level 5).

I've been in (and are still in) a few games where the game was put on hiatus due to players no longer able to play / loss of interest / etc ... but if you get a good GM, games will generally hold (not saying I'm a good GM, but I've lost and gained 3 players in the four of five months my game has been going) and it's still going well, in fact they're about to find their first magic item (shhhh ... don't tell them).

So losing players isn't such a big issue, it's holding onto a GM who is passionate -- I tend to only apply for games where I can see the GM has run other games, which is of course unfair to new GM's who may turn out to be awesome -- and interesting and motivating

... but sometimes it's worth taking a risk on peeps, and you can be pleasantly surprised


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