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Shapeshifting in pathfinder

@ Tyoka It's only on the PFS banned class archetype list :0

And yes there was quite a cafuffle on the forums about it ...

I just played in a PFS game (when the ban was mentioned) with a Synth and he was way crazy tougher then my cleric.

PFS have said that and Prestige will be retained and stats can be redone before changing to a new character class -- that must have been a few months ago now ...

As for your "only hope for an original and compelling character!" remark, I completely disagree I like to think every character I make is an original and compelling character ...

... but this is all off topic from your original question

My remark was sarcasm. =p As someone who hates the word cheese, I begrudgingly admit that I find the factotum to be as cheesy as a class can get. But they're perfectly accepted, where as the innocent polymorpher is demonized just because DMs are too lazy to say no to OP forms. =(

Also, I can see how the Summoner class could be more powerful than a cleric. It's essentially playing two characters at once, that's even stronger than a gestalt character. But the Synthesist takes that feature away. It has some advantages, but for the most part it's only weaker.

i know its been four years since the last post, but if you ever see this, look up the brown fur arcanist, they have ridiculous bonuses to shapeshifting

Holy Necromorph, Batman! Almost 4 years, that has to be a sort of record.

Welp, if we are disturbing the rest of threads anyway, take a look at the Beastmorph Alchemist. He basically gets the Beast Shape spells in a bottle. That's not nothing.


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