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Heya, I'm jetnerd

Heya, I'm jetnerd

Hi everybody, I'm jetnerd! I'm pretty new to Myth Weavers and to the whole tabletop/d&d/etc. community altogether but I am eager to learn and hope that Myth Weavers can be an accepting community where I can learn to play without being too harshly judged for my ineptitude. I have tried to start a campaign that a friend was running every now and then but they haven't been able to get off of the ground it seems so I am also hoping that this is a place I can find a good steady gaming community. I learned about myth weavers because I was simply looking for a website that would help with my character creation and the sheets here seemed to be a good tool for that, I am most familiar with pathfinder although that isn't saying too much because I am new to that too!

Hey jetnerd,

i think you'll find more then enough peeps on here who are willing to help you with just about anything

Don't be afraid to ask people if you need help, and most GM's will be more then happy to take a "noobie" on as between them and their players, you'll learn heaps,

Good luck, and welcome to MW,


Welcome to the weave. Don't crash into the web. It makes it really hard to unscramble all the threads.

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