Looking for 1-on-1 GM

Looking for 1-on-1 GM

So the game I was playing in recently was randomly archived with no warning but a slow down over the last week and an automated email saying it was gone. With that being said I am sure one of the reasons was a slow dying out of the players and slower response time of those involved.

What I am looking for:
I am not the greatest of literary minds and though I have tons of ideas for different games and fond memories of a few planned but never executed games I would like a GM who is willing to make a game and respond fairly often helping turn my logical and to the point responses into a vibrant living world. I would like a long term game, I am not looking for something for just a few weeks or months. I can respond multiple times on week days, weekends however is a toss up, sometimes I am on all weekend sometimes not at all.

am open to learning something new should it run a similar vein to any of the above, namely sci-fi/fantasy of some sort

Previous Ideas:
Rifts - at one point I had a fully fleshed out not nessesarily evil but blindly devoted AI scientist who was creating a veritable army of self sustaining machines, from dumb mining bots collecting supplies, to massive floating cylindrical Hive Minds that would manufacture, repair, and control whole armies of the creatures. He had been a suit pilot and became further and further obsessed with modifying and upgrading his suit with alien technologies eventually leading to wanting to make even more grandios and impressive items using stolen/researched AI tech he stubled across in his dealings with the aliens.

3.5 - Pixie Haven - Run by an epic level pixie archer who spent all his treasure and magical items on getting a wizard to create his own floating island in (its been so long I've forgotten, a collection of floating islands acting as a nexus for multiverse) and had his own planeshifting spelljammer. Made traps and all sorts of magical pixie fun for any and all that wanted to come challenge his island for the promise of riches and fame. Of which there was actually very little because he had spent it all, but no one knew that, obviously someone with thier own planar island must have riches beyond imagining right? Well he would use his spelljammer and travel to worlds setting up his scam by placing a portal to his island in dungeons and such and starting rumors of all the treasure andmagic to be had and he and his pixie/fey brethren would harrass and otherwise rob blind all who came and send them back emtpy... well everything. This worked way too well, what brave adventurer would return home naked and say they were beaten by a bunch of pixies? No the rumors grew wilder and wilder as time went on and so more and more powerful people began to show up.... and this is where our story ended...

So in conclusion, I'de love to either recreate something of this sort or create something brand new, my imagination runs rampant but more often than not needs someone to help interpret it and something to go up against to make it really seem alive and interesting.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I find a patient DM/GM/Storyteller/Judge/etc/etc that is willing to take on such a project.

Hmmm no interest, would anyone who would have possibly been interested except for something did not click with them mind letting me know if the request is either unreasonable, not enough information, too broad, etc? There are quite a few things like system, starting power level, scope, etc that I am more than willing to work with a prospective GM on. Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to read the post.

I don't think I'll be able to help you out with the GM thing, but perhaps I could offer up a few systems you should consider?

AD&D 2ED is a ballin system with loads of possibilities.

Savage Worlds will let you do anything you want to. It's like Rifts, but much simpler (and everything doesn't hinge on Earth being the center point of the Megaverse. That always put me off: lose Earth, and you lose the game. I summoned/awoke the Old Ones cause I got bored once. Big mistake...)

WoD is a good system if you can get your hands on it, and since it connects seamlessly with Vampire, Werewolf, Promethean, etc. etc., it's worth looking at.

If you DO find a DM and you wanna try out the first two I suggested (Savage Worlds or AD&D 2ED) then I'd be willing to help you learn the system. Hell, I'd be willing to play beside you if you didn't mind a 2-on-1.

I grew up playing 2nd ed actually, Ravenloft, Dragon Mountain, and many more wonderful adventures were completely crushed under my wizards awesome godlike powers lol. Only part of most of the DnD systems that put me off was losing EXP for making items, I love crafting, many of my favorite characters have been fairly powerless by themselves and have gained thier power/status by having minions of undead or golems, tons of magical items, well fortified positions, magical transportation, etc. As I said in my original post I am up for any system really, if I don't know it I could pick it up very quickly I am sure. I probly wouldn't mind a 2 on 1 my main reason for wanting a "solo" campaign is I'm tired of games fizzling out because other people slow down or drop and the less other people the less arguing about what direction things flow.

Originally Posted by chichirineko View Post
anyone who would have possibly been interested except for something did not click with them mind letting me know if the request is...
I'm interested, but your previous ideas were too far out there for me. I wouldn't know what to do with those. So I didn't respond.

I'd be willing to run something closer to typical adventure story: Conan (R.E. Howard) or Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser or similar is what comes to mind.

Setting could be anything though, from Sword & Sorcery, Deadlands-style wild west, Star Wars, Warhammer Fantasy, to even Call of Cthulhu.

System doesn't matter to me although I've been wanting to run Savage Worlds recently.

If it was a system I knew I would like to play in a 2-on-1 as a player. I also get annoyed by games fizzling out that way.

@Renshaw - for a long term game, starting out with a normal adventure would be fine by me but in the end I would like it to be free enough that my character could eventually build that castle, or run a corporation, or own his own starship, or whatever else and have those epic type of things happen. Eventually after a while any character that survives long enough should be powerful enough that mundane "adventuring" becomes more of a chore and they meander off towards things more worth of thier attention.

Something that I haven't really had since a nice game of Shadowrun I played a while back that I have been craving lately is something based in a Technomancy world, don't really care if it is past, present, or future based just something where technology and magic are both used so much the lines are completely blurred as to where one ends and the other begins adds so much variety to a setting. Cyber animals roaming the world beside dragons and creatures from other dimensions. Knights riding artificial steeds, or the common man in thier flying car commuting to a different dimension for work every day. What age really just sets the general feel of the world, from steampunk to cyberpunk and all in between, it is all just technomancy to me.

I'll look into Savage Worlds, I have seen it suggested a few times and I'm more than willing to learn the system if it lends towards a fast paced flexible game.

Ok, you play Savage Worlds and I'll TOTALLY play with you. I'm on here twice a day and I ADORE the SW system. I've never dropped a SW game to date!

Also, SW allows you to play any genre balanced with any other genre. You wanna be a Hacker for a massive corporation and I want to be a samurai/mage with a baby dragon pet? Totally can happen in the same game, because it's a point based system.

This could be a really good game. You have some great ideas, and I LOVE seeing people think long-term. It means less min/max roll-playing and more character development.

Totally found a picture I think you'd enjoy, Chichirineko.
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