Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Keen on the underworld!

Keen on the underworld!

Will be running many an Undead focused game here!

Both AFMBE as well as DnD 3.5!

Hope to see you all!

Welcome LordofUndead ...

GM's are ALWAYS welcome

If you have any questions on getting started / how to use the tools effectively, post them up on the GM Workshop thread

Welcome again,


Yeah, that's exactly what I would expect of any Necro Lord. I'm sure you and Vox will get along just fine, if he should ever return.

Who is this Vox? Perhaps we can make a union of hordes and conquer from the Underworld to Heavens disgusting pearly gates!

He WAS Myth Weavers claimed Lord of Undead. Maybe you have something to do with his disappearance? Seems a might strange you only turn up now, when there is no sign of the Great Voxandu. Did you murder him and steal his minions?
It's sad, really. He had witty welcomes and tasty cupcakes.


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