Noshu Sadhi

Noshu Sadhi

Name: Noshu Sadhi
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Barbarian

Background: Wolf's Ear was a quiet town where the locals kept to themselves and had little use for outsiders. New settlers were almost unheard of, and those who did choose to start a life there always began adopting the weird and unsettling behavior of the locals. It was a town where a pretty and untainted half-elven girl could never fit in. Noshu's elf mother was a werewolf, a fact the girl deduced on her own from watching her behavior and eavesdropping in the village. The identity of her father wasn't spoken of by anyone.

From a very young age, her lone parent instilled in her the idea that Wolf's Ear was not her home, could never be her home, and when she was ready she would have to leave it. Noshu couldn't comprehend what she was being protected from and would have taken her mother's curse into herself in an instant had that path been allowed to her. But at the age of twelve, she was declared ready to leave, having been taught to fight, to fend for herself, and the half-remembered ways of outsiders from a woman who hadn't left Wolf's Ear in decades.

On the road, she found little aid and less compassion. The cover story her mother had given her fell apart during her first conversation with a fellow traveler and she was quickly forced to admit that she came from 'that town.' Still, she was an extremely tough and resourceful child, whose malnourished frame belied an incredible strength born of fervor and desperation. As a vagabond, a brawler, a hunter, and a thief, she scavenged and took what she needed, and found ways around the prejudices of others.

Now she's sixteen, and despite the hardships of life, a cheerful and friendly young woman despite some unsettling customs. Her abandonment by her mother and general failure to make bonds with others has left with her a persistent inferiority complex that she lives with by trying to befriend anyone who will give her the time of day. Those who give her a chance will find a steadfast companion.

Write about one significant person in your character's past. The person responsible for propelling them into the life of an Adventurer. Could be a negative influence as well as a positive.

Most important to me? That's my mother. I mean, every little girl's mother is her goddess, right? Well, I haven't seen her in four years and I still think so. Because every day I still rely on the things she taught me. I can never move on from her, because she raised me up proper, and if she hadn't then I'd have never found the will to survive.

But it wasn't just about her doing her job. She never said 'I love you' even after I got it in my head to say so to her. But I think she really did. She didn't just buy me clothes, food, tools, and training weapons. She bought me books too, some to teach me things that she couldn't, but others that were filled with tales of fancy, knights, dragons, elven maids, and all sorts of amazing people that a girl like me doesn't have clean enough cheeks to meet. And when I asked her what I should be taking from them, all she said was "live, in your mind and in your blood."

It's easy when you're a child to think that those tales you read about are just like the world you live in. But she watched out for me there too. One morning she saw me saluting her before we began our sparring, and before I could lower my hand and get ready, she kicked me to the ground and put her thin-blade at your throat. "Your enemy," she says, "Will scour your eyes and your soul for your intentions. He or she will read the twitching of your arm, the tensing of your jaw, the trajectory of your gaze, and divine your plan to attack and how best to foil it. Why, child, would you ever choose to make things easy for him?"

That was all she needed to say. That week she took me hunting, and as punishment made me eat only from my kills or go hungry. We went over sneaking, deception, and the best way to kill an unaware enemy. Took all the romance and glory out of it. You need someone dead, kill them in they're sleep, while they're soiling the ground, or maybe just pretend you're their friend and stab them in the back. Don't make things harder for yourself just because it will be a better story. Of course, I mostly just jump out of the bushes and start stabbing when it comes to that, but finding a style you're talented in is part of making things easier for yourself too. Oh, and that week? Started going hungry for the last two days, until I found an untouched deer with mom's arrows in it. She didn't even scold me when I ate it raw. She was a real softy, my mom.

Now, a gypsy once told me, "only a child never disagrees with her mother." Does that make a child? Definitely not. Because there's one thing I've never agreed with my mother about. If I ever found a person like mom, which I don't expect to, then I'd stick with them forever. If I ever discovered that kind of love again, then I'd fight anything for it. I'd fight until my blood was drained and my skull was cracked, and when I finally dropped my foe would have to chop off my head and bury me twenty feet underground, and even then they'd sleep lightly that night, afraid that maybe I had just a little piss left in me after all. I would never do what my mother did to me. I would never abandon someone I loved.

Someone doesn't like you. But instead of going after you, they beat up a tavern wench who is your friend. What do you do?

Oh man I just don't get city folk. Why does anyone dislike someone else? Because they're a threat, right? Lots of people don't like me. I threaten their lives and their way of life. I threaten the concept they have of their town (that concept being a place where someone like me doesn't live or even visit). But to try to solve that they go and hurt the one person that kind of feels sorry for me? That doesn't do anything to protect themselves from me. It just makes me much, much more dangerous. And I'm sure there's some 'right answer' to this that I don't really understand. Like I'm supposed to go to the guard and have them deal with it for me, even though I'm damn well capable of dealing with it myself. Or else, since they hurt one of my friends, now I'm obligated to find one of their friends and hurt them. Is that the civilized way of dealing with it? Well screw it, I don't care. Usually I try to make nice and play by city rules. If I don't like most of them, that's my problem, not anyone else. But when you go and do that, when you wake up that wolf sleeping inside me, no matter how scrawny and starved she might be, then you've got to stare that wolf down. And then your civilization and your niceties and those words you've written down to protect yourself aren't going to matter anymore. So you should have just stuck with me. Because I can read, and I get embarrassed if I'm not fitting in. But she doesn't read, and she doesn't get embarrassed, and being as skinny as she is, she's always hungry when I let her out.

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