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VP debate

VP debate

Biden is killing!

PolitiFact is tweeting their analysis in real time on their site, if you want to keep up with the facts and lies.

Democrat is dominating Republican. Repulican looks like baby. And can't answer simple questions. And repeats himself in the face of new questions. And doesn't seem to know that he is on camera at first with his stupid grin / semi-serious grin dichotomy. Bad VP candidate. No ubercharge for you.

Biden certainly maintained control of that debate, and I would even go so far as to say that he won it. I think Ryan made some good points, but wouldn't fight to let himself be heard. I'm surprised that you mentioned Ryan's "stupid grin / semi-serious grin" without even touching on Biden's. Between his constant grinning and laughing, often seemingly inappropriate (did anyone else hear him laughing while abortion was being discussed in the context of rape, or was that just me?), and then the faux-serious voice he used at the end (I got to the point where I felt like I had to clear my throat) I had a hard time thinking this was anything more than acting and posturing for him. And I understand, all debates / political discourse are acting and posturing, I just thought he was rather transparent about it.

But, like I said, he maintained control of the debate, and I suspect the polls coming out over the next couple of days will show he won it as well.

My twitter is alive with people discussing CNN's instant voter reactions lines. So far the independents on CNN's voter thing have some rather negative things to say about Biden but who really knows with such a small sample. Interrupting and shouting down the other guy doesn't always go over as well with independents as it does for the base so we'll have to see. I'm certainly not a neutral observer.

Instead of attacking demeanor I hope we get more fact and policy checking over the course of the next few days. I can't care less how either of them acted, just tell me who was telling the most facts and has the strongest policies. It looked like Biden was trying to get an answer for the 2 trillion dollars Romney plans to add to military spending but he never really got a chance to get it out there or Paul refused to answer it directly. It looked like Paul was really trying to run from that point. From PolitiFact right now it looks like Biden had a lot of half truths as well, where he never really completely covered everything he should.

I thought Ryan was stronger on foreign policy, personally. If we want to contain Iran, I think it is preferable we do it through Israel. Distancing ourselves from Israel is not the way to go, in my own opinion. Further, I have never known the military to ask for less money, as Biden said. When he said the military wanted a "faster, leaner" force, I think the Join Chiefs just meant that they want servicemembers to lose some weight

All in all it was a draw, maybe a bit in Biden's favor. Both sides will claim victory. At the very least it will pump up flagging Dem morale since Biden didn't disgrace them in the debate.

Yeah, the lack of an Obama-esque meltdown will be a positive for the base for sure.

Originally Posted by Cthulhu View Post
All in all it was a draw, maybe a bit in Biden's favor. Both sides will claim victory. At the very least it will pump up flagging Dem morale since Biden didn't disgrace them in the debate.
I think, mainly, that's why I think Biden won. Everyone went in expecting "Crazy Uncle Joe", and, well, he didn't shove his foot in his mouth. He came off as someone who had intelligence and an ability to voice it, if not in a personable way. Everyone expected Ryan to come off well. He's already shown himself to be an intelligent, articulate man. He was more personable, I think, but let himself be constantly talked over by Biden.


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