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Space Citizen (AKA Chris Roberts is making a Space Sim!)

Star Citizen (AKA Chris Roberts is making a Space Sim!)

It seems someone is finally try to make the jump to a full on, no publisher, grade A title. And that someone is Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame. Now, I love the hell out of me some space dog fighting. But this effort also gives me great hope that we can finally see a real, premium game that isn't subject to the stranglehold of the traditional publishers.

Yes I am aware of indy developers and many excellent games. Those games are now, however, what I would call 'AAA' titles. A publisherless studio isn't generally going to make Call of Duty or Mass Effect, etc etc.

Rather than go through kickstarter they're keeping it all in house it seems. Looks like they've already gotten a big response from the slow state of the website. So go forth and donate if you want to see the classic space flight sims of yore return!

In conclusion:

Yeah, I'll back it. I owe him that much for how many hours I spent played the Wing Commander games.

Holy... If that game is truly anything like Wing Commander or Freelancer, I am so in! I adore Space Sims. They are probably my favorite type of game. Its a pity they don't get more respect. May Chris Roberts be fruitful in his endeavor!

Interesting, but honestly it sounds a lot like EVE but only for people with $3000 systems. I love space sims, but this sounds absolutely unplayable on anything I could even imagine affording. 100,000 polygon characters and 300,000+ polygon ships? Nice idea, but I wonder how many of the supporters are actually paying attention to the details offered to date?

Well, anyone who is a serious computer game player will be able to play the game. And NO, it will not cost anywhere near three grand to get a machine to play that game. Trust me, my machine was only $1400, and it was top of the line for a base-line consumer. If some techie built his own, they could A.) build the same and or better for cheaper, plus B.) they could probably get better equipment that isn't necessarily readily, and or simply not strictly commercially available.

Lastly, I learned this while getting my new machine, that damn good computers no longer cost and arm and the leg. Its a misconception that has lingered. Computer parts have dropped significantly in price. The quality may not be as good (which isn't an issue as long as someone is not going the super cheapo route - but that's the same for anything really), but the performance is still essentially better than ever.

Computers, for what they do, blow consoles and cell-phones out of the water like a Nuke hitting. This will sound elitist of me, so please take it for what its meant (a personal opinion based on experience - as I am a big time comp game player) - I frankly find the console comparison to computer, insulting. Console's cannot hope to compete. There is a reason computers cost more - they are simply better. I'm talking graphics and capability... not sales.

Not to mention the game is being designed for release in 2014. By which time technology will have advanced even further.

Update: Apparently they're already up to 500k despite the website issues.

It figures all of these cool games are being made (referring to some Kickstarter ones too), and I can't help fund them. I've been unemployed for awhile, so I am literally dirt poor right now. This particular one, however, makes me really want to fund it. I really want another good space sim. Freelancer was cool, but the AI was easy to learn and I hated how each zone was leveled. It made coming back through a cake walk. It was stupid how each Nation was weaker than a band of high level pirates (Corsairs, Outcasts).

It doesn't help that I'm a natural at Space Sims, like some people are natural as FPS's. Awhile back I played Darkstar (One?). It was essentially a Freelancer clone, but easier. I was tackling (by myself) opponents numerous levels above me, including (mini bosseque) foes and easily tearing them up.

I miss Wing Commander. That game was fun, but could challenge me. Some of those missions were so very brutally amazing. I loved limping away from an insane fight. It was thrilling to have one gun and still win!

I really hope it's not a CoD or Mass Effect but without the publisher. That would be a huge waste of money...

Still, it sounds interesting. Freelancer was kind of disappointing in a lot of ways, but really cool in others... Microsoft published some really good games before the Xbox.

I meant that more in reference to the fact that it's game will full production values.


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