Application - Kes

Application - Kes

Name : Kestrel Lacklund, "Kes"
Race : Human
Class : Ranger

Brief Description : 25-year-old Kes stands shy of six feet and hides a reserve of wiry strength in his lean frame. He shaves his brown hair close and grows a thin beard. His green eyes and firm mouth appear frozen in something between a sneer and a comprehending smirk. He switches to a look of determination apparently brought on by outrage when provoked. He holds his head high as he walks constantly looking about with a smile for a person he recognizes. It looks like a sigh of relief to those who witness his intensity in the field.

Kes has learned much from his travels and his employer but knows conflict instead of acceptance from Titus's ideas. He has matured enough to bear his uncertainties lightly and keeps them beneath the surface in the hope they stay untried. The kind of person who seemingly speaks without giving a second's thought only to hear him wrestling with doubt moments later. He loves life. Certainly the enjoyment of it.

Brief History : The Lacklunds escaped the slums of Magnimar for the woods that would become the town of Sandpoint over forty years ago. No adult Lacklund has been out of the employ of the Scarnettis and the lumber mill since. A fact widowed Loletta drilled in the minds of three red-blooded sons about their cousins several times removed.

Kes the youngest and rowdiest nearly landed in a Magnimaran court from his brawling if not for his mother begging her wealthy in-law Titus's intervention. Humbled he promised loyalty to his patron and conformity with his conservative beliefs. Starting with reluctantly agreeing to turn away from the person who drew him to the path of a ranger, the elf Shalelu Andosana.

He has spent much of the last five years far from home escorting the mill's products on their way to cities across Varisia. His visits in that time have seen him hunting the goblins that threaten his one time friend (and have cost him family) as often as he has an ear to the ground for his employer's personal enemies.

The mill has him in town looking to the safety of visiting business partners for the length of their stay.

Campaign Specific Trait : Friends and Enemies (Scarnetti)

Tell Me Something :
Significant Person

You should have seen me. It was like I owned the place. Mother was chasing them out of the yard from all their whining. Hah! That's mom.

But sometimes . . . there I am in the woods thinking maybe I should be a little more careful the gobbers don't see me coming. I hear these punks talking behind my back and right when I'm ready to turn around I keep walking. It doesn't make them stop. It never does. But . . .

I couldn't begin to imagine what she had to go through because of me. But she did.

Friends and Enemies
They say these things about the boss. Two-faced snakes. Look around. Where would this town be? They think the Deverins had what it takes? The Kaijitsus?

I'll tell you what it takes. Vision. Integrity. Vision is seeing what needs to be done. Integrity is going out and doing it even when it has to hurt. Because people are counting on you. A whole town. That's how it's like. The Scarnetti way. The boss tells it like it is.

I tell you. No one stuck his neck out when I needed it. The boss did when he didn't have to. I keep it in mind. Walk a mile in a man's shoes.

Someone Doesn't Like Me
Kiki never hurt anyone. That gutless snake has it coming. Enough said.

. . . so I should compromise. Watch what I say so someone doesn't take it out on someone else. You're joking. So it's my fault some lowlife couldn't find the nerve. What do I do now? Is that right? What if it was Mother?

. . . well maybe I owe it to Kiki. To someone. I'll think of it. Soon as I'm done hunting.

Extra Credit :
What is your character's favorite food? - Ale.
Where do they get their clothing cleaned? - At his mother's.
Name One Guilty Pleasure - It's not his fault they put the temple so close to the Pixie's Kitten.
Is your character allergic to anything? - Marshmallows.
When was the last time your character laughed? - Last night he walked into the temple by mistake.
Bacon - Proof that the Gods really love us!

Love that picture. Where'd you get it?

Just because I'm going to comment to everyone once; your application is very nicely done.

I like that you've chosen one of the less obvious persons to the campaign to make your connection to. If everyone was friends with Ameiko then it would be very dull.

Thanks. To be honest at first I changed my mind and tried to make a half-elf buddy of Tsuto. Considering the rest of the apps something tells me a human scout isn't exactly the greatest idea. But Titus was just too intriguing so I stuck to my guns. I painted their interaction in the brooaaddest strokes just in case there's things you don't want players to know.

I just remembered a neat song for my character: YouTube.

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