Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

"New" Greybeard onboard

"New" Greybeard onboard

I discovered MW while entertaining myself by Googling various threads on "worst RPG experiences ever." I was highly entertained by the relevant thread on MW but, more importantly, impressed by the generally high level of discourse and exchange here (compared to many "competing brands"). I am a little (okay, a lot) older than most of the posters I've seen here (My first gaming experience was playing D&D's "Caves of Chaos" module as a 10 year old ... in 1983) but decided to stick around and see what I could learn.


The Lazy Sage

Hey Sage,

Welcome, I think I'm still older then you then ... started playing at age 15 in '79

It is a good community with a lot of friendly helpful peeps (even to old senile peeps like us ... /looks around suspiciously),

Feel free to check the game ads for a dnd flavour you prefer and announce your interest, let them know you're a MW newbie, peeps will look after you, guide you in the forums,

.. and once again, welcome

/looks for where he put his walking stick ... damn old timers' disease,


Welcome Aboard, Old Timer.
I started playing in 2012, at age 28.

Plenty of D&D here, and new members are always very welcome in the Weave.
Enjoy your stay!

Xaviien, thank you very much for the warm welcome.

NoobieGamePlayer, '79! Very impressive. Shall I call you "Sensei?"

Hahaha, I have a beard and it's got some grey in it, in fact it's getting to be mostly grey lately.

first game here was back in 82, hooked since, but then I was about 12 at the time..

D&D didn't get to Australia till '79 (that is in the century before this one, you young'uns ...)

I can't grow a beard, never have been able to ... but when I do manage to get some facial growth (when I'm too lazy to shave ...) it wouldn't grow moren then a 1/8", enough to make me look scruffy, but too long to look "cool" ...

oh, and it's all grey

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