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New to pbp, D&D 3.5 player here

New to pbp, D&D 3.5 player here

Hey, I am new to the concept of play by post, but I have been around D&D 3.0/3.5 ever since jr. high school. I mostly DM for my friends and family, but I am very interested in playing now that I see so many games already being run. I will be looking around for games to apply for, but I am also willing to DM for groups. Currently I am setting up a private game on this site for my brothers and my wife. So far I am loving this site.

Welcome Vaerthxall,

Setting up a private game for friend and family is very good for learning the tools available on MW, if you have any questions (if you can't find an answer in the Help that is) ... shoot over to the GM Workshop and pop your question there. There are always peeps on who know everything about MW and stuff that peeps don't generally know as they are GM Gurus :0

Once again, Welcome to MW,


Welcome Aboard Vaerthxaal, new GMs are always wanted here in the torture chamber Weave.
Might I ask why you decided to make your game private?

Sorry I took so long to respond, forgot I posted here. The main reason I made the game private was because I already had a full group in mind for my first game (my wife, step-brother, and four other siblings). That and I haven't DM'd a game in ages and want to get back in the swing of things before I allow random strangers in and potentially make them think I am a crappy DM. I don't want to start out with a bad reputation.

You can have a non-private game, you just have it closed to new applications.

Like Xaviien, I've not seen the reason to make games private (the game I'm running is Public), so if peeps want to look at what my players are up to (especially if they are applying for another game and the GM would like an example of their writing).

If you've DM'd before, it's no different on here then in RL, just the turns take longer

Good luck with it all,


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