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Congratulations Europe

It does due to the face that number of police is correlated with number of people in general. According to Wikipedia, Germany is the most populous followed closely by France and the UK.

Correlated, yes, but not very strongly. According to this (admittedly, slightly outdated) census,
there were 628 Delaware State Policemen and 525 Arkansas Policemen.

However, according to Wikipedia, Delaware had 897,934 people in it in 2010 whereas Arkansas had 2,915,918.
Delaware has significantly more state policemen.
But clearly, Arkansas has significantly more people.

The two censuses were two years apart, so I doubt there was a dramatic, factor 3 population increase or decrease in either state.

Originally Posted by canjowolf View Post
And they are both close enough in population that they get the same amount of members of the house (and thus the same number of electoral votes)
According to that map, Delaware got 1 representative and Arkansas got 4, both in 2000 and 2010
1 is is obviously not 'the same amount' as 4.

Originally Posted by blackstarraven View Post
(Before anyone starts on the French thing, France is basically the Military Powerhouse in the UE, and has been the most powerful nation in Europe for most of European History. EVERYONE would have lost the Germans at the start of WWII. And did in fact the French army was pretty much destroyed in the opening days along with the UK's army, the reason they get called surrender monkeys is because the Vicci French then Helped the Germans after surrendering)
When he says "most of European history" he of course means the bit that wasn't when the Italians, Germanics, British, Dutch, Spanish and Morrocans held the cards. Yes he means from about 1689-1714 and those twenty-three years from 1789-1812 (at a stretch 1815).

Meh. France/De Gaulles had to fight tooth and nail to even get on the Security Council. It's maybe a European powerhouse, but in the rest of the big, wide world, it's just a drop in the soup (Same goes for Britain, maybe even more so given their over-reliance on the City & its financial services); the EU does not have a standing army and is only a partial union.

As far as military power is concerned, the French has its legionnaires (I don't honestly think their training is superior to your standard Marines) and the aircraft carrier De Gaulles, but that's also extremely tiny compared to the fleet currently operated by the US.

I think France has an appropriate amount of weight in the EU, Britain really shouldn't need one and Germany has led on EU reforms so far, which is the right thing to do not only from an EU perspective, but from a world markets perspective.

Originally Posted by Ikul View Post
Except the EU is not the UN, and not a military alliance, but rather an economic and political union. Why should it matter who has the most guns? In the US, the state with the highest number of state troopers (or whatever the closest thing to a state-scale military force is) doesn't get more of a say, either, does it?

If the union is mostly economic, then it stands to reason that the greatest economy has the greatest say - and what do you know, that's Germany, with a GDP roughly 1.3 times as high as France's. You can also look at the sheer number of Europeans represented by 'Germany' as compared to the others, but again Germany's is about 1.25 - 1.3 times as high as France.
If Germany, when expressing its opinion, does so representing 1.3 times as many people, then it's only democratic that every one of these people's voices have an equal value to that of Frenchman's, so that their collective opinion as voiced by the German representatives, accordingly, also weights 1.3 times as heavily.
"European Union, created in 1992 with foreign policy and defence policy being developed over the next two decades. In 2009 common defence provisions were significantly enhanced." That's actually from the EU btw.

But you do have a point.

That's not to say I agree 100% mind you, I would agree that Germany is one of, if not the most important member of the EU, I was simply making a not that in my experience they may be over represented.

You all have pretty good points. (And on a note the french military is in my experience not up to par on any level with the United states, because of Technology and Training) With the exception of in Infantry. The French Infantry is pretty par for the coarse with US marines. But forms a gap when you apply equipment and supporting technologies. That is coming from some one who was in the US army for some time.

Again you all have very good points. And it's not like I take offence to the some what backhanded comments of Gygaxphobia and Surrealistik.

My comment about the French and Europian Hisotry actually stops about the time that the English start getting big. (But still having a sizable influence on the content) And the comment about "the Morrocans" made me laugh, because you know, It never happened, you might mean the Moors at some point. But not even them really.

And the Romans did a good job, but after that, the Itanlians didn't do much, other then have some 30 nations on the Peninsula until pretty recently. Germany was some 70 Different nations until the mid 1800's.

Less we forget about Charlemagne? (Yes I know thats Frankish, but that's basically french)
Italy nor Germany didn't exist as unified nations until pretty recently.

Go look at Europian History and two things hit you.

#1: A good portion of European History is defined by the Bytanzinian then Ottoman Empire Trying and Failing. (Dispite seaming to always have the upper hand) To take over Europe.

#2: A carefully played power game in Continental Europe where many of the nations basically kept France from Running Rough shot over the Continent.

I am by no means claiming that France Spent most of history stomping around Europe.
Just that for a good portion of there history they have been the most powerful nation on the content. (Notice most powerful is not in the same way that the US is the most powerful now)

5-15% more powerful is still more powerful.

"Raven is a noted and obvious francophile" LOL

I don't know how I'm noted about it, this is the first time I have made a comment on the subject.

But I think I have Digressed to far from the subject matter in response.


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