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Elder Scrolls d6

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Hullo again Mythweavers, I'm back for more playtesting. The system is simple (2d6+1/2Skill), the world is complex, and the options are endless.

I'm looking for anyone playing an Elder Scrolls game, anyone who enjoys trying to break/analyze systems, or anyone who just wants a game. Come one, come all, after all.

The system itself is here, with links to supplements at the bottom. You can ignore the core experience and birthsign rules as I'm testing out their variants this time around. Characters go here, and there's a process there if you feel lost. That should be about it, I'll answer any questions that pop up as I can.

Game Description:

The year is 132 of the Third Era, almost three hundred years before the Nerevar Reborn and the Champion of Cyrodil make their marks on the world. The War of the Red Diamond is five years past, though Skyrim remains in the clutches of the necromantic Wolf Queen Potema. The Knights of the Nine have dissolved, and with them the Relics have scattered to the winds. Tamriel remains in a state of unrest, the bandits, rogue mages, and undead menaces that have slipped through the cracks during the war now beginning to once again bubble up wherever the Imperial Legions are sparse.

But those are grand concerns on a scale far larger than the city of Dragonstar, nestled in Hammerfell between the great Alik'r Desert and the mountainous borders of Skyrim and High Rock. Lives are lived, songs are sung, and always the trade moves; south to Cyrodil and Valenwood, west to the coast where ships sail for the Summerset Isles, Elsweyr, and Morrowind, and of course south to the storied city of Stros M'Kai, spoken of in a hundred bawdy songs. And of course where there is trade, there is coin, and where there is coin, there is adventure.

So come, set bards and scribes aflutter as you make your way from Hammerfell to anywhere in Tamriel you please. It's time to make your mark on these Elder Scrolls.

"Conflict and disparity are what bring change. Change is the force without focus or origin."
This looks great. I'll try and work up a character and apply!

A Khajiit thief?

Interested. I'll read through those rules and see what I can come up with.

Can I apply with the same character from last time Lorkhan?

Sounds like a fun idea. I'll toss a character in the ring in a bit.

@MadHatter Sure, though you'll need to rework him for the system changes. And setting change, I suppose, though the Blades are still about.


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