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Rise Of Death

The Rise of Death - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Oct 13 '13
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Hello Everyone! I'm running a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 game, obviously. I'm Fernfur, though you can call me Fern or Ferny. I've got quite a bit of experience in PbP Dming, considering I've ran a few other 3.5 games on another PbP forum. I've also got reason experience in just general Dming. Also I'm only fifteen, but I hope I'm mature for my age (reasonably). Hopefully that won't cause any problems. I'm generally a nice DM... though I can be cruel sometimes to characters. Anyway that's enough about me!

Rise of Death is going to be a campaign running from 1st level hopefully all the way to level twenty. It will be a mix of combat, dungeon exploring and roleplaying. I hope to whiz through the first few levels, and that the characters wont get killed to early on. It's set in a homebrew world, the main land being Ternis and the starting town being Riverview. Ternis is a very mixed land, with many races and many types of terrain. The adventurer begins in a temple, basically a dungeon, but obviously that is just the beginning to a large set of events.

Applications and Character CreationPlease fill in the following form when applying:

The more descriptive you are, the more chance you have of getting picked. For your backstory feel free to make up towns and NPCs considering this is a homebrew world (which I haven't completely made yet). Part of the story will be based of various backstories, so the more detailed and informative it is the more chance your character will have to shine! I want details, so the world is as much mine as it is the player's!

I would quite like a character sheet to be posted along with the application, though it is not necessary. It will increase chances of being chosen, as well

Character Creation Guidlines
  • Starting level 1
  • Starting gold for level 1, either average or rolled (put rolls in the post long with your application)
  • Abilities are 32 point buy or 4d4+2 six times (6m4d4+2z) I will allow either a re-roll or you to switch to point buy if your roll is bad (I'll be the judge of that)
  • HP will be max at level 1, and rolling or average afterwards.
  • Classes: Any from official WOTC books. No homebrew ect.
  • Races: Any from official WOTC books as well, though level adjusment 0 is preffered.
  • Alignment: Any nonevil
I think thats about it, if I've missed anything just say

Please post all apps here. Any on this thread will be looked at last.

Any question, feel free to ask! Or ask here at the application OOC chat/questions page.

Also, as a sidenote, I'm accepting Newbies to both d&d 3.5 and PbP. So any experienced players need to be okay with playing with newbies. Thank you.

Important Note
The deadline for applications is a week, so Saturday the 20th of October. Not the 13th. I accidently put that. App will be reposted when it closes...
Though I may close it early if I get enough good applications!

Game Description:

For years the land of Ternis has known nothing but peace. Evil was few and far between, the only thing that realy threatened the land were irregular bandit attacks from some of the wilder nations. But things are beginning to change, and rumours are that a terrible evil is sweeping over Ternis and its neighbouring countries. But what it is, no-one knows... Many believe it is nothing but rumours.

In the small, sleepy town of Riverview there have been reports of people going missing. All these reports centre around one place; the temple a few miles off the town and the graveyard that surrounds it. The Adherents at the temple claim to know nothing, and they are trusted by the townsfolk as strict followers of Pelor. But even so Lord Verlin, the Lord in charge of the town and the surrounding areas, is suspicious of the temple and the way people are dissapearing around it. So he's sent a group of adventurers to investigate...

This is were the adventure begins. The characters begin with this task to explore the temple, but it may escalate into more.

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I'm definitely in on this. I will work up a character this weekend and get him in by tomorrow evening.

And thanks for starting a new 3.5 campaign at 1st level.

Sounds good!

And its fine, I wanted to start a campaign at 1st level anyway not played with first level characters for a while...

Shoot need to change the time the add closes, didn't mean to make it today XD


And finally someone my age :P Everyone here is old.


and Ditto to you... Thats true, though I don't mind playing with older people. But its nice to play with someone of the same age (since like none of my friends remotely like games like D&D)

I would allow the psychic rogue but not the duergar considering the characters start at level 1 and a +1 level adjustment would make it unbalanced unless the character didn't take a class level at level 2...


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