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Xcom Enemy Unknown

Xcom Enemy Unknown

So anyone playing the remake/re-imagining/whatever of Xcom:EU?
I have to admit, I have grown unbelievably addicted to this game, just something about it that makes me sit for hours straight completely captivated by it.

And yes I actually find the new one better than the original, in spite there are a few of the changes I dislike.

EDIT: Also if anyone is up for a few multiplayer matches or something, throw a PM my way.

I've been playing it. Just finished the game for the first time earlier today. I like the game, though I'm not sure if I like it more or less than the original. For me, the biggest problem was that the game felt scripted and linear. Maybe it was because I was playing on Normal difficulty, but whenever I put the "priority" research and construction on a backburner to improve my equipment/sat coverage, I ran out of alien activity to respond to.

I think I only encountered 8 UFOs in the game, 3 of them were landed and one of them was scripted to be located through the Hyperwave Communicator (or whatever it's called). Plus the final mission, of course.

I was gonna buy it, but it won't play on XP. I have to keep that admittedly antiquated operating system around for software that won't run on Windows 7, X-Com for me.

I'm in love with this game. Its totally kicking my butt, but I love it all the same.

I've been playing it pretty hard myself. I do like it better than the original, which was unforgiving even on the lowest difficulty. I never did beat it.

As far as getting female soldiers, I have the opposite problem. Only 1 of every 4 or 5 of my soldiers are female, and it's making it hard to get the Valkyrie achievement. I'm on my second playthrough right now, and once I get a good amount of capital I'll probably have to hire a bunch of new soldiers to build an all female squad.

One thing I really like about the new XCOM is that the classes are well balanced. They're all useful in their own ways so it's best to take a pretty even mix of soldiers on most missions. I usually take 2 Assaults, 2 Supports, 1 Heavy and 1 Sniper. A lot of people use a HEAT Heavy to take out Cyberdiscs and Sectopods, but my go-to method for dealing with the big stuff is to run my assaults right up into their faces with run-and-gun and blast them to death with rapid fire. It only works if I make sure to take out all the small stuff like floaters and mutons first to avoid getting shot up while out of cover, but it's been reliable so far.

According to Steam I've put in 24 hours into X-Com since it came out. So you could say I like it, yeah.

I'm almost done with my first play through, getting to know the tech-tree and making all the mistakes I can't afford to make on an Ironman play-through. Like taking Snap Shot instead of Squad Sight on my Snipers.

As for hours I put into it, I got the game the 12th (European release) and I already have almost 13 hours in it, damn, I have been glued to the screen far too much.

About classes being well balanced, while I do agree with that, I have found myself favouring the support class, built my whole tactic around using 3 of them, 1 sniper, 1 assault and 1 heavy, once in a while I shift out one of the support for a second sniper, but that is usually on Urban maps with plenty of buildings to camp on.

I agree, Support is fantastic. Though there are a couple of thinks that make the other Classes beastly.

For Assault I like Close Combat Specialist, great for Berserkers.

For Snipers there are a couple good things, if they have Squad Sight you can set them on Overwatch, then when you reveal Aliens they'll take a shot when they run for cover. Also In the Zone is great, I had a Sniper take out 4 Heavy Floaters on a single turn because each kill didn't count as his action.

So is the game entirely based around the campaign and game over - start a new one?

One thing I absolutely loved about the original was that the game didn't end until I blew up Mars. I could keep on fighting aliens still I was blue in the face. I even went to far as to have various saves. That way I could beat mars, then reload and continue on my merry way. Blow up Mars, rinse and repeat.

You can play indefinitely before the final mission and there are a couple of dialogue boxes telling you when that is (typical "this is the point of no return" messages).


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