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Xcom Enemy Unknown

Lol yeah the Shiv would need to be made as a class of it's own..

Been working on a level and class free D20 system, might work even better than basic D20 modern for a game like this.

Well maybe with overwatch yeah, but thats pretty much just the equivalent of an attack of opportunity, and everyone can do that.

I use my drone as a scout, flanker and for overwatch breaking suppressive fire way more often. Those require a bit more awareness then just "shoot the guy who moves" or move behind him, then shoot".

I use snipers for overwatch. lol

Anyways, send me a PM when one of you get something fully fleshed out. I got a backstory all worked out already. lol

Well I have gotten a pretty far on the basics of the system, I will throw in an update on it within a weeks time assuming I get to work as much on it as I intend to.

This is turning into a Game Planning thread

Anyone gotten through the whole Xcom video game? If so, how many hours did you put in?

I guess the "how many hours" can go for just about anyone.. I think I'm at about 15 and I'm fairly certain I'm still early..

I put 32 hours into my first playthrough, waiting for a way to import one of my soldiers before I start over, became far too attached to her.

Note: And for anyone who wish to discuss the game system or willing to help out, throw a PM my way, so we can avoid cluttering up this thread.

For those interested in a d20 game set around this, I just spotted this in the games and ads section using GURPS.
Seems to be based off it, but I'm not sure how much, but thought I'd leave it here for those interested. Not trying to steel anyone ideas (not even me anyway, although I have been planning to learn GURPS), just leaving a useful link for those interested.


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