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I just picked this game up today, paying for it with the trade-in price of some older games I'll never play again, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it, despite my original hesitation. I originally was going to wait for a mark-down price, because I generally don't like first-person-view games (the camera angle makes me feel constrained and a little claustrophobic), but when I saw a deal at Gamestop for +30% on trade-ins put toward Dishonored, I decided to give it a shot, and I'm glad that I did!

Currently, I'm trying to do a non-lethal playthrough. I've gotten through the prologue and first chapter, but I couldn't go kill-free through them. During the prologue, I was still getting used to the stealth gameplay, and with no way to run away, I had to either kill or restart. During the first chapter, I ran out of sleeping darts and I accidentally aggroed 3 guards at the same time; I panicked and instead of running away, I hacked them to pieces xD

I also had one incident where I snuck up on a guard and went to choke him for a non-lethal takedown, and my brain spaced out, and I hit the right-mouse button for a sword kill. I was like "... oops." lol

Right now, I'm thoroughly enjoying the Blink skill, and I'm making liberal use of the Dark Vision ability, though the lighting when I use it kinda gives me the creeps. I've used the time freeze skill a couple times to good effect, but it takes a crap-load of mana to use (well, I think it's actually called Adrenaline, but whatever, it's the same thing lol), so I don't use it very often.

Is anybody else playing this game? What sort of playthrough are you shooting for? What playstyle are you using, and what skills/weapons/equipment are you making the most use out of?

Did you find it too much like Bioshock?

Are the stealth kills as hard as rumored?

What do you think of the environment and the Steam Punk style?

I've never played Bioshock, so i couldn't tell you one way or the other.

I also don't know how hard the stealth kills are rumored. Are you talking about story kills, or random guard kills? Also, lethal or non-lethal?

The environment is really well done. Every mission is sort of instanced, so you're not running around one huge city (like you would in Assassin's Creed), but it all looks very well done. The lighting is fantastic, and everything is very atmospheric. I really like the ambient dialogue you can pick up when you're sneaking around.

What's really cool is that sometimes, if you stop to listen to a dialogue between two nameless NPCs, you'll unlock an additional optional mission path. I won't spoil anything, but I had this happen in chapter 1, unlocking a non-lethal mission path that wasn't available when I first started the mission.

Random guard kills- and lethal. I've heard the game gets impossible if you try and do it.

Also are you going the kill route? Those rats apparently make things hard.

I think this things graphics would break my computer if I picked it up.

Oh, I wouldn't know about lethal. I've heard it gets hard if you kill everything you come across, but I'm going non-lethal route (like I said in my OP), so I won't be seeing that until my next playthrough.

Guards, in and of themselves, aren't all that hard to kill. You have more than enough tools to get the job done. And you have Blink (and possibly 1 other skill) before you even start the first chapter... and that isn't taking your actual equipment into consideration, with grenades and razor mines and incendiary crossbow bolts, and all that fun stuff. What really makes it difficult is if you're trying to avoid all detection, because you have to watch patrol paths, and you have to get the kills and move the bodies before anybody can see them (although, there is a skill that makes stealth kills a hell of a lot easier, if you go the lethal route).

I haven't even run into tall boys yet, so I don't know how difficult it gets later on down the road.

I'm playing on the PC, but Dishonored is on 360 and PS3 as well, so if you have a console, don't be afraid to try it out.

I don't think it'll beat Assassin's Creed for pure, free-roam, assassin-y goodness... but it's definitely a solid game with fun gameplay. And the story is a bit easier to follow lol.

I'm not really a fan of the silent protagonist, though. I feel like protagonists shouldn't be silent unless the developer is allowing the player determine the character's personality. Which doesn't really happen in this game, unless you consider "to kill or not to kill" a personality trait.

Bio shock was very, very much the same.

Had the "To kill little sisters or not to kill them" choice set. If you killed them you were more powerful.

Little to no protagonist dialogue. These two sound very similar. Especially with the left hand power/right hand gun view.

Lethal takedowns increase your "chaos," which helps spread the plague and increases the difficulty of missions by ramping up the number of enemies you have to bypass (and I assume making them harder as well, but I'm not sure about that). However, the "lethal or non-lethal" choice has zero impact on your actual character strength. Your power increases as you buy upgrades with money, and upgrade your skills by finding runes around each mission area.

Looking at it from a mechanical standpoint, your character's strength is actually mostly tied to exploration.

It looks like those old Thief games.. Be sneaky in First Person..


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