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The game is amazing, I got it on release and completed it doing 'non-leathal'. I say it like that because I got rid of most of the main targets non-lethally (bar the very first one, I just killed him out right), though I killed a lot of guards etc when I got the shadow kill ability. I mean, the bodies just vanish if you kill them, so much easier than avoiding or hiding the bodies.

The chaos system in it is rather nice, though I found it fluctuated a lot from high and low between missions so it mayde thing very random. From what I played in the game (and this was on the hardest difficulty), the stealth kills are not too hard as long as you use blink well. They do get harder to do larger on though,
seeing as about half way through your basic enemy becomes assassins. Much harder to sneak up on and they can use the blink ability.
spoiler. The graphics in the game are lovely I think, reminds me of second sight and time spliters, bother of which I loved.

Greyfeld has a good point about the dialog among the nameless NPCs, it happens a good few times and I missed it in chapter one. Meaning the poor bugger had to die. Though it also happens for things not mission related; things like where runes are, safe combinations (there seems to be a good number of safes in the game) and things like guard route etc.

If you go the kill route you get A LOT of weepers and rats, which can be a real pain as they never seem to be alone, always groups of you. Then if one detects you, another will, then there is a domino effect and you end up getting guards and tall boys after you. Oh the fun!

Tallboys are hard, they can detect you rather easily as they are high up. One arrow from them takes abut half health and they take alot of ammo to kill (unless you hit their 'weak spots' which I find hard to hit, then it is like two). A thing that I think that is worth mentioning is the 'heart,' and item the outside gives you.
The heart, an item you equip, can be aimed at people and locations and when used will tell you secrets. This is cool for a number of reasons, gives you a lot more story and background on characters (be them major, or just the minor guard) and can be used to plan out how you carry out missions etc.
Possible spoiler, thought I would hide just encase.

Simply put, the game is amazing!

Played a few more hours today. I'm getting better at stealthing around (especially when I can use my blink to stay on the rooftops), so I expect the difficulty to ramp up soon. I also picked up rank 2 of the bend time skill, which has proved useful for a couple tight situations, where I couldn't figure out a way to drop the guards without being spotted.

I try to save my sleeping bolts for emergency situations, since I can only carry 10, and I don't run into extras all that often.


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