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Found Wallet

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What would you do with a found wallet?
Take the money, leave the wallet. 1 1.59%
Take the money and the credit cards, leave the wallet. 0 0%
Take the entire wallet and keep. 0 0%
Ignore/leave the wallet. 0 0%
Mail the wallet to the person. 21 33.33%
Bring the wallet to the police. 31 49.21%
Drop the wallet off at the persons address - as per their drivers license. 20 31.75%
Something else? (Please describe) 12 19.05%

My family was once passing through the Housten airport, on our way to a cruise in Florida. On the escalator, we found a wallet... with about $50k in cash, no ID. We were in a hurry, and had attracted quite a crowd as we'd gone through it (hoping to find a driver's license or something), plus our flight was leaving shortly.

In the end we left it with airport security, kinda reluctantly. Yes, we wanted to keep it. Yes, we knew it'd probably dissapear between us and taking it to any sort of lost-and-found, but it was still the only real moral choice we felt we had.

Well, I would attempt to return the wallet. Assuming I wouldn't have to drive more than an hour or two in one direction, I would first go to the person's house to return it. Any gasoline I need for my vehicle would come out of the cash in the wallet, and I would keep receipts (duplicate copies, of course) to prove why I spent some of their money. I mean, I'm using my vehicle and my time to return their stuff, so at the very least they can pay for gas.

If I couldn't reasonably go to that person's house, I would make every effort to contact them and have them come meet me somewhere in town so I can return the wallet to them. Call me paranoid, but I won't give them my address to come and collect it from me. I live in a major city with a ton of crime, and the last thing I want to do is be the good samaritan that gets shafted trying to return someone's wallet.

If I cannot reasonably find the person on my own, the wallet, including all cash, goes to the police station.

Sell their personal information to my pals in Nigeria, hock the wallet for bus fare and then get it all in ones and make it RAIN!

I'd be so tempted to keep the money with no ID. But its owner is plain so I would end up sending it back intact or reporting it to the police.

I actually had something like this happen in the past a couple times. The first time I contacted the owner (he was a student at the local university) and let him know where he left it. he was happy to get it back. The second guy left it at my work place so I got his listed number and called him and he threatened to call the police on me and saying I stole it....... bit of a prick.

Either way I got it returned and am happy about that.

I'd take it to our town's little police station so they could identify the owner. I know there have been many times in my life where the address on my Driver's License didn't match my current address. I wouldn't want to risk mailing it to the wrong place.

Our police force consists of one deputy and a very sweet little old lady who works at the desk. I'd just drop it off with Lucille. She'd figure out where to send it. :-D

And then I would write them a letter scolding them for . . .

1) Carrying cash. Even though it is only two hundred dollars, this is 2012. Cash is so 20th century.

2) Carrying their Social Security card in their wallet. That is about as risky as it gets when it comes to identity stuff.

I've actually been in a situation like this. Was cleaning up after work and found a bank envelope with a bunch of 20s and 50s, a driver's license, and some bank papers. Handed it in to my boss, and a few days later a guy came in and handed me a thank you card.

I'd take it to the person; if they reported it stolen, it shouldn't matter if you take it to the police first or not, I wouldn't think. I think they'd rather see the person who found it return it. And as for taking money out, forget it. You can't know what their situation is - maybe he needs every penny there, and it's wrong, anyway. And how would you want someone to treat your wallet? Bad karma, dude.

call the police, give it to them intact. Any amount of money or items taken from the wallet would be theft and thus repugnant behavior to me worthy of sanction and criminal condemnation by the law.


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