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D&D online

I played DDO briefly and I remember that I really liked the "familiarity" since to some degree I could recognize the different elements both in the mechanics and setting at least in name. Also I enjoyed the dungeons, secret doors, traps, etc.

It was all right, but I lost interest quickly.

I thought you already played GW2 Kerim, did you get bored of it too? (Call me old school or what you will but I just couldn't cope with not having a constant flow of new upgraded abilities/powers, also I don't care much for the setting or the cartoon like graphics)

TOR is going free-to-play very soon, they are going to impose a ridiculous limit to all the cool social aspects of the game like operations, flash points, war zones, which I think is a very bad way to try to squeeze money out of the game.

Regardless, all the story content is going to be free and let me tell you that alone makes it a very solid bunch of content to get for free considering they've spent like 200 million (it still doesn't make sense that they spent that much money on this game) dollars in that part of the game.

Also I think LOTOR online was free 2 play and it was decent if you are a fan of the franchise.

There are also a lot of cool Korean games, but of course you need to be able to understand the language.

Nope, but my computer needed a restart, and my sister has the GW2 disc.

There's a ton of F2P content in DDO, but you'll find the best stuff is on the P2P side.

Don't fall into the "freemium" trap with Turbine Points: either go full-on subscriber (which is only $8.33/month if you can pay the full $100 all at once), or stick to F2P content ONLY. You'll quickly spend more than an annual subscription with a TP purchase here and another one there.

The issue with DDO is the same as all MMOs: it's the SAME THING over and over again. Pickup groups are generally interested only in running through instances as fast as possible. It's keep up or be left behind. This is great if you're simply trying to grind XP or farm for crafting essences, but it sucks for a true newbie trying to figure things out.

I found that I actually enjoyed the game MORE when playing solo because I could take the time to figure things out and really learn what was going on and how to play my character. Of course, that limited me to the difficulty levels you can handle, which in turn limits the loot, XP, and favor you'll get.

I've played it off and on since beta, usually as a cleric, bard, or sorcerer. DrMorganes pointed out the problem for me. You get in a group of barbarians as a healer, everyone runs off in separate directions, then 5 minutes later they all come back to me with 2hp being all "hlz plz". The fact that it's nothing but a level grind with little potential to do anything else means it's definitely in the "play 1 month out of the year" category.

If you want a F2P MMO with endless RP potential and a sandboxy open world, consider Ultima Online. =] It's old, but I think the artwork is gorgeous.

It's always had private shards. A lot of them are accurate to either modern OSI or they do Pre-T2A. And then of course there are the plethora of custom shards. The game is free to download, and TBH I can't imagine why anyone would pay money for OSI considering what EA has done to it.

I used to play Ultima Online on a free shard named Angel Island, and back before I was married and had kids the official version on a pvp server. Looks like it's still around officially

Though as I look through the forums and notice my old friends playing it seems quite a few mention as starting up recently.

Never played it- but my intent to want to was sort of diminished by games like Neverwinter Nights. Which just seemed to be the same thing? I could be wrong!

Never played NWN.

UO has a pretty good pvp system, it's not class based so you can pretty much build whatever you want within the 700 skill point limit. It has a HUGE variety of craftable items and vendor systems and with people able to own their own homes and decorate them and run shops, etc it's pretty wide open as to what type of game you want to play. In that game I usually have just one character at a time and the first couple months of play I was into mining/logging/carpentry/blacksmithing and I think stealth to avoid some pvp stuff. Pretty much I just ran it as a small empire making tables and chairs for decorations, etc. Then I got into RP quite a bit and ran with a 100% IC RP-PVP group that simulated a marauding band of orcs. We limited ourselves in magic but had numbers on our side because it was a fairly popular guild at the time.

One of these dudes is me on my first day on the server. Shortly followed by a couple hours of pvp. It was my first day so I soaked up a couple energy bolts and flung a few arrows from behind a fence while avoiding flame walls and such to drive us back.

The game offers a lot, it's pretty easy to make a character and even max it out and quite customizable for what you'd want in a game. I've enjoyed crafting, pvp, pve, house decoration, rp, etc at all different times in the game. It's a pretty solid game.

UO is a great game for what it offers, its still my favorite MMO but im much partial to nothing past Lord Blackthorns Revenge! It started getting funny after a bit and lost interest, still I miss my tamer and my white wyrm and grinding to make enough to buy a castle!


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