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The Walking Dead - Season 3

You know what I like about T-Dog he seems like a real character. He was overweight and a front line ass kicker for the group. The writers just took a crap on him the entire series and it really upsets me in the end. He was useless to the show because of how the writers made him. SO it was kind of like he had cancer since episode 3 and you were just waiting for him to die.

Lori...well. Everyone with their HUNDRES OF POSTS >_< . Have already pretty much summed up on why she is useless. She got more screen time then T-Dog who did at least 4xs the amount of work she did the entire series. All she did was yell at rick and manipulate him into being top dog. I wish her death could of been a lot more dramatic then it was.

I will say I agree with Scarecrow on the Studded Turkey post. That really fat zombie, stuffed full of Lori was just a really good scene to put in. Made sense with the phone being put in.

I disagree with the statements being made about Carl. He is a smart an useful kid. Wise and Mature for his age. He has to be in this world. Let us not forget that in the comics he saved Rick's life early on, by killiung Shane. They took that out in the tv show. They had to have him kill Lori to add in that element. Now he is always running off and trying to help because Rick is his dad and he is proud of him. I think secretly that he blames himself for not looking for his dad when Shane said he was dead. So now that his Dad is back, he is making it up to him by trying to man up.

Yes all the mistake he made with the walker and Dale's death were stupid, but that is how you learn. Carl is 10, or 11 years old after all. But I think Dale's death and Dale forgiving Carl with his eyes in the field, made Carl really step up and become a vital member of the group. Now you got to remember Carl might be a kid but it is the end of the world. He has a gun and is trained very well on how to use it. So he is now a protector of the group and a value member of the team.

Originally Posted by Greyfeld View Post
....Carl is a hell of a character in the comics. He's still stoic, but you get the sense that it's more of a loss of his humanity.
I actually wanted to comment on this and forgot earlier. I liked Carl a whole lot more in the comics. I felt they did a better job of showing him deal with the situation, death and walkers gradually and with real emotion. In fact, his pivotal moment to me was when he killed the other little boy and had nightmares, couldn't sleep and cried alone while trying to deal with that kind of trauma by himself. It definitely showed the erosion of his humanity in finer detail than what they've done with him in the show.

I don't find his stoic, try-to-be-a-hero stance in the tv series anything more than trying to prove his own self-worth to the group at the expense/risk not just of himself but of everyone else. I find him just as selfish and petulant (in the show) as you guys seem to find Lori. So, I guess to each their own, right?

Originally Posted by Scarecrow71 View Post
Why all the hate on Lori? Well...

1. Adultery. Shane stated that he thought Rick was dead, but instead of her trying to find out for herself she just took Shane's word for it. Granted, middle of the zed apocalypse and all. But she didn't even try.

2. Poor mother. Where's Carl? Who the hell lets a 10 year old boy, at the start of the zed apocalypse, just wander off all the time without any supervision? Then again, Rick is a bad role model for leaving Sophia in the woods all by herself when zed was present, but he suffered for that. But Lori NEVER knew where Carl was, even when she was specifically asked to pay attention to where he was.
She also egged on Rick to kill Shane in a very Lady Macbeth-like fashion.

Originally Posted by Scarecrow71 View Post
And "moving on"? She sure got over his death rather quickly. It has been eluded to that the timeframe between Shane's last visit and Rick's awakening was less than 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS. She grieved for her husband - who she thought had DIED - came to grips with the zombie apocalypse, got her kid under control long enough to get out of town, met up with all these other people, and decided enough time had passed to start sleeping with her dead husband's best friend ALL IN 3 WEEKS? The zed apocalypse alone would cause most normal people to forget about everything but sheer survival for several months. If you can look me in the digital eye and tell me you'd be having sex with your dead spouse's best friend in 3 weeks during the apocalypse, then something is really wrong with you.
@ Scarecrow I will concede to your other points -- well made

The 3 weeks thing is nothing ... during the Blitz of London, when there were nightly bombings by the German Luftwaffe, complete strangers often found themselves with complete strangers in basements, subways, etc

There were a LOT of "couplings" during the bombings, where the closeness to another human being was enough -- so seeking comfort when you know your husband is dead (after all, she had been told that by Shane, a close family friend) and a clearly "End of the World" event happening around them is more then enough to get them "amorous" towards each other.

I also know of quite a few girlfriends (friends who are girls) who on the death of their boyfreinds / husbands / etc have sought out strangers to shag to take their minds off their grief ... does that make them bad, NO, just human.

And as Greyfield says, the fact he hates her is a compliment to the writers and the actress

If you were going to die. Wouldn't you want one last ride in the saddle (sex) before you die?

My point isn't that she's having sex. My point is that she's banging her dead husband's best friend within 3 weeks of him apparently dying, during the zombie apocalypse, when she didn't make any effort to go to the hospital OR be at his side when he was there. But of course, she can forget all about him AND her son to have sex - in a scene that makes it seem like she was having an affair the whole time anyhow. Not to mention her midnight joy-ride to go find Rick by herself where she flipped the car.

My issues are with her judgement, not necessarily her actions. Why was she not at her husband's side when all hell broke loose? Why didn't she try to go to the hospital when the outbreak started? Why is she so easily able to overcome all hell breaking loose AND the death of her husband?

The writers did a fantastic job of making her a horrible human being.

Originally Posted by Scarecrow71 View Post
Why was she not at her husband's side when all hell broke loose? Why didn't she try to go to the hospital when the outbreak started? Why is she so easily able to overcome all hell breaking loose AND the death of her husband?
1. I've been in the hospital, overnight, for several nights. My wife was not at my side 24/7, even more so because we have kids to take care of.

2. Who said she didn't?

3. As I haven't had my spouse die, I can't answer that. I CAN say, at least in the show, there is no indication about how long it was between Rick getting out of the hospital and him finding his wife. Certainly it was weeks, it may have been months. How long does it take to get over someone? And then factor in the apocalypse.

City of a couple of million, you know of 10 survivors, everyone else is an undead killer... I certainly would not expect to see my wife again if we were separated for 2 weeks or more.

Not to disparage anyone on this thread, but given how high the divorce rate is in this country (I assume a decent percentage of posters on The Walking Dead forums/threads are from the United States), it is not a shocker to hear that people have no problem with Lori's...ahem...flexibility, especially in the post-apocalypse.

Wow. That is one heck of an assumption there, Azar.

Yeah, that's just sort of rude. On several levels.

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