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The Walking Dead - Season 3


So this last episode, I liked it, quite alot even, though I'm starting to worry about Rick's mental stability, things seem to be weighing so much down on him that I fear he may end up like Shane given enough time.

That's what Glenn is for. His real best friend. To help take the weight off of his shoulder's and take up the Slack. Only problem is Glenn is not as Tough as Rick, but he's smarter and faster.

I just realized something. Daryl is the Tyerese replacement in the tv series. After watching Episode 2 I realized that now. I know he is not black. But character development, skills and relationship with Rick are roughly similar to that of Tee in the show. I thought it was T-Dog in the first season, but with his limited screen time in season 2 I knew I was wrong.

I am not a huge Daryl fan myself. I don't understand why all my female friends find him so dreamy, I think he looks like a half ferret human hybrid. But he is damn skilled with the crossbow and a good team player.

I didn't know Daryl had a large female fanbase, but it's probably a combination of the "scruffy woodsman" vibe, and "bad boy with a golden heart." He's competent, intelligent, kind (but not one to coddle anybody), and knows how to get shit done.

He's one of my favorite characters as well, but I'm not a chick

He is not kind though. He is a borderline psycho. What kind of kind person wears a necklace of ears? No one, that is who. I think he is a good character. But much the same like Wolverine from the X-Men, I feel is overrated. I think he will die in a huge season shocker type episode. Like either an opening episode or ending season finale. Not the third, but maybe the 4th.

I am anxious to see what they do with him in the storyline. Also how much do you want to bet, there will be a Merle vs Dixon death fight this season?

Daryl was one of the big supporters of staying around to find Sophia. He's been a shoulder for Carol since the beginning of season 2. He does a very tricky act of balancing survivalist pragmatism with maintaining his humanity. He's very stoic in an "anti-hero" sort of way. That's where his "kindness" comes in.

I steadfastly refuse to read the comics... hate spoilers. I keep expecting Merle to show back up sometime, and I'm guessing "watcher in the woods" is him.

Originally Posted by Excior View Post
Im thinking that he did not give a rats butt for anybody but himself and when it came down to it he took out ottis.
Pretty much my opinion of him in a nut shell. He had the hots for Lori (god knows why.), and kinda felt a fondness for her and Ricks kid, but that was ultimately more a way to get in her pants then anything else.

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