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The Walking Dead - Season 3

Wow. Tonight's episode was just... wow.

Andrea and Michonne do more pussy-footing around about the governor, which is boring as hell, but the ending to the episode was the first time this show has ever made me tear up. Lori was an annoying bitch, but I feel sooo bad for Rick and Carl.

I don't see how the rest of the season can possibly top that, it seems really early to pull out all of the heavy guns


I know it was a said episode and all. But do you guys remember earlier in te thred in which I said I wanted both T-Dog and Lori killed? They did it in the same episode. Robert Kirman loves me I guess. LOL.

Sorry but I just can't believe they both got offed in the same episode. I knew this season would be good! They had Carl kill her too which is amazing for the growth of the character.

Am I the only one who thought the episode sucked? Worst episode of the entire show so far:

There are many more things I can find in this episode that make zero sense, but I'm going to stop there. Don't get me wrong - I still love the show for many reasons. Not the least of which is . But last night's episode just left me thinking that none of this is plausible based on how the show was progressing up to this point.

Witchslasher is right. I agree with what he has to say and he addressed all of what I have to say is said by Witchslasher. LOL

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