Teyan: Rise of a King

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Teyan: Rise of a King

Teyan: Rise of a King - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 1

*warning* This game is mostly role play based and its battles will have more of a tactical feel than the usual hack & slash.

"If you are reading this, my friend, it means i am already dead, and the king will send you on a quest to settle in the new Teyan continent that was discovered.
Even as you know he does so just to get rid of you, follow his orders, for in this continent lies not only wealth and power, but secrets beyond imagination and the freedom to strike back when the time comes."

In this game, the characters are leaders of one of several settlements, kings and advisers, guild masters and royal knights, the ship that brought you to Teyan crashed and hence there's no return for a long while, a basic settlement was built and the nearest area around it explored, troops are scarce and resources lacking, but you will find a way and pursue your goal.

(Note that the quote above us just an example of a background story and you are free to make diferent ones.)

The game itself will have both research and exploration as house rules but its mostly going to be me dealing with those, kingdom/empire progression will likely be the part to concern the characters the most.

I have thought about using kingmaker rules but i wont be sure until i read the rules thoroughly as well as players opinions.

Post here any ideas, suggestions and applications here, so far i dont think there will be a true limit to the amount of characters there can be, stat/hp rolls and character sheets posts go HERE.

Game Description:

A high level campaign where players are kings or overlords in a newly discovered continent of the realm.
Characters now leading a small settlement, are tasked with not only improving the settlement but to explore the wilderness around it and expand as possible.
This game can have more than 1 party of characters and each group will have a different settlement on a different place of the continent.

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Level 16? Bloody hell. That's going to be a mindbreaker trying to decide on what I would want to build with that much choice.

Colour me interested though.

Just seemed logical an adventurer becoming a king/noble would be high level, right now still filling the forums with the custom systems and such but some are readable already.

Hmmm... I am thinking about taking position of Guildmaster... Few questions though:

a) Do I need to buy off any initial guilds with my personal money, or there will be some auto-built ones?
b) Do I get +2 to Leadership for being a Guildmaster?
c) Where do my Followers reflect exactly? In only one of guilds; showing size of each guild; spread out between all; or not used at all?

you dont use personal money for guilds, the initial settlement will have a mercenaries guild as well as a wizards guild, both really small to start, your followers can be additional members of guilds as well as soldiers or bodyguards to someone if you so desire.
And if you mean the +2 for base of operations, yes, every single player character has that.

You have my vote, sir - I will probably aim at making myself a barbarian for this. I might be interested in being in charge, and see what kind of feel we have before making that reality.

Going for a cleric myself, one who is intelligent and highly charisma focused. A good vizer for example, or woman behind the throne.

Depending how many other players show up, you could lead a horde, so to speak, or actually have the royal knight role, at least thats what i can think of for now, i know another player who hasnt posted yet which means so far its 4 of you, a question showed up in a chat and id like to answer it right here, about mounts and pets, you wont be limited to just the SRD and anything ridable you can ask to be a mount, i shall name a price if needed.

PS: im leaving home for class now so i wont answer so fast anymore.

Thinking of building a Kodama Monk of the Four Winds/Brother of the Seal. Just because.

I kid. The idea is that he's dedicated his ageless existence to the perfection of a style, and is heading up a dojo within the fighter's guild and is one of the higher ups.

I could be convinced to play this.


You do not post a deadline date. How long will you be considering applications?


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