A01 - S01 - ooc

A01 - S01 - ooc

This thread is for Out of Character Discussions for the opening scene of Burnt Offerings.

Requirements from the Players.

The entire town is a party. At sunset the following celebration events will be occurring.

In the Town Square : Desna Temple Dedication. Expect speeches, prayers, good hearted people and mostly some quiet reflection on how far the town has come in these last five years.

Down at the Sawmill : Winners announced and Prizes handed out for the various contests held during the day. Last chances to climb the greased pole. Scarnetti himself has to attend the boring stuff at the temple, as expected of a town councilman, but the foreman of the Mill is much more popular anyways, so the party here will be cheerful.

On the Docks : The Ladies of the Pixie's Kitten are putting on a floor show. Expect singing, dancing, rowdy times and probably some stripping. Children should be kept away. Also, the boxing ring will have been moved outside for the title fight between home grown Strongman, Das Korvut, the town smithy vs Korrigan, "Clubfist" Sarovien, the Magnimar Champion.

In your thread for your character, in Privacy Tags, post for me the following information.

The location from above that your character is Most Likely to be in at sunset, and what they are doing.

The location from above that is Unlikely but Not Improbable for your character to be at when the sun sets, and why they might be there.

And which location from above that you do not see any way your character would be located at.

If you do not know how to post in privacy tags; read this.

Once I have inputs from everyone, I will make three groups of players and put them in place. I want to have the information done privately, but not in PMs to me. It is easier for me to keep track of things in the forums. Practice with the privacy tags in the OOC Forum if you want.

Burnt Offerings : A Breakdown

The Opening Act of Burnt Offerings is in three scenes.

Scene One : Opens with a bang. Your characters will be involved in combat at the start. I am purposefully mentioning this for you to apply to your character. You should not be standing there, glaring around, with sword in hand. But if you decide that you left your weapons and armor back at the tavern and are dancing barefoot in the square, well... you were warned that this was going to be messy. Plan accordingly.

Scene Two : Having saved the town, the players are heroes. There is some snooping they might do, but for the most part this scene will be made up of scattered around the town scenes. Many of them may be solo, but I will not be doing them in privacy tags. We will all just have to be grown ups about knowing how to divide Character Knowledge from Player Knowledge. This part will be mostly Role Playing, tho there are some things which may result in combative situations.

Scene Three : All the Heroes will be gathered for an extended celebration/party being thrown by a Magnimar Noble and the Town Council. This scene will be almost completely Role Playing.

Alleana Goldeneyes, Milo Lebbick, Kestryl Lackland and Rodrick are all from Sandpoint or have been residents of the town for more than ten years. Your characters will at least be able to recognize one another as residents of the town.

Although Kes is seven years older than Milo, they both are from the less than affluent side of town and in all likelyhood both of them attended classes at the Turandarok Academy because that is the only place in town they could have learned their letters without have to pay for schooling. You should have at least peripheral knowledge of one another.

Alleana, you have your age listed as 80, which makes you more like Shalelu's sister and might even be her older sister. While of pure elven blood, Shalelu has a human father figure in her life that having her be much older than 50 causes issues with. I apologize for not noticing it sooner.

If Alleana is about 30ish, then she and Rodrick are contemporaries. Rodrick also has some connections with Tsuto written into his background. So the two of you have some common points.

Grom is a ranger who travels in wider circles than Shalelu, but they have crossed paths. Pretty much as the previous example, Grom and Alleana would at least be able to recognize one another. Considering your histories tho, it would be little more than one or two face to face encounters in the last five years or so.

Vicamros Urthadar and Tzios have both worked in Ezakien Tobyn and Nualia Tobyn into their backgrounds. (The Father and Daughter are enter-twined) so they have something in common. But both of you have a distant enough connection to be unaware of one another if you choose.

If y'all want to work out common points in your history, please feel free to do to.

If anyone else feels they should be recognizable or have a connection to another character; I am not adverse to it. Even if it was outside of Sandpoint, if players are willing to have been 'on the road' companions before it can make some things easier but it is not required by any means.

For everyone working Sandpoint into their histories : Please scan the campaign information in the wiki or from the campaign guide.

Sandpoint is only about 50 years old.

The orphanage in town is the Turandarok Academy and the town pays it's headmaster to take in orphans and teach letters and simple arithmetic to the youngsters of the town. The church does not have an orphanage.

Belor has only been Sheriff for five years. He was a deputy for a few years before that. He's not much older than Rodrick.

Stuff like cannot be changed without screwing with the subplots. If you are connecting yourself to someone, please read the wiki notes and look to see if I have put any information in the campaign background notes.

About the Festival

Sandpoint's population has about doubled with the influx of visitors and merchants taking advantage of the celebration. Temples don't get dedicated but once every decade or so.

If your character does not have a previous connection to Sandpoint, in all likelihood you are sleeping under the stars tonight. People with a connection of some sort, or who have been living in town for the last five years or so, have a place to stay and store their gear.

Strangers in town wandering around with a big kit of weapons, armor and so on are going to be watched by the guards and stand out a little, but wearing a sword at your belt and having your armor on is not going to catch too much concern. There are a lot of travelers in town and you all will not be the only ones carrying your suitcases on your back.

But for those who want to appear more friendly, most of the taverns are 'coat checking' weapons and back packs. It means you are trusting their staff to keep an eye on things and trusting that people rummaging for their own possessions do not 'accidentally' take something of yours. The Sheriff is providing a similar service in a storage room in Town Hall. But getting in and out of it is more of a lengthy process than the Inns.

My aim is to provide a means for characters to stow their mundane gear but allow for you to keep hold of your more important possessions without having to stretch the storyline. You can just as easily decide you met some person from town who is taking advantage of the Inns being full and has rented you a room and a safe place to stow your gear for the night.

Everyone Got Their First Choice

Robin Ludel, Vicamros Urthadar, Kes and Rodrick; Your characters are in and around the Temple area at sunset.

Hukmen Dunir, Noshu Sadhi, Alleana and Grom; Your characters are down by the Sawmill at sunset.

Rhionda, Renkar Snakeyes and Milo Lebbick; Your characters are along the Docks at sunset.

Please stop using colors for your own voice. Boldface for people speaking.
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