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Done. Sorry again. I should be able to post from france if the hotel has wifi, since I will have a tablet with me.

Null Persp Omae.

I never put up "Posting Requirements" because that sort of thing never survives game contact anyways.

Life is always > Game

If you go quiet for five days or more then I might take the shot for you, but it isn't something to stress on. Was just getting worried you might have lost power in the storm or something.

Initiative Adjustment

Initiative order got all muddled looking for me so I thought I would make sure to highlight my explanation.

I thought I would make things easy by rolling initiative for everyone, but several people ignored it and the delay in reaching combat range nullified more than half of it anyways. Won't make that mistake again.

Several goblins had higher initiative rolls than the people they were engaged with this round. Instead of making a second combat post for those sections, I simply combined their actions allowed into this last set of messages. In both cases it did not work out too successfully anyways, and one of the goblins is no longer with us.

I also rolled an Attack of Opportunity for Vicamros and for Noshu. I will try very hard to not do that for you guys but as both cases were part of the initiative muddle adjustment I decided to just get all the messes cleaned up at the same time. Attacks of Opportunity situations are just going to be one of those things that sometimes I have to roll in order to keep the pacing of things clean.

*facepalm* Sorry about the mistakes. And the tactical decision to use the bow instead of running over to help. Ahh . . .

No. Using the bow was a good idea. You just missed this round.

Null persp on the mistakes as well. This is why the opening combat is relatively easy; one goblin each, more or less. Consider it a shake down cruise.

Hey RT, I've got a quick question for you. I want to get creative with mage hand. It's a standard action to cast, and as per the spell description, a move action to propel the object up to 15 feet in a chosen direction. With that application, what would you consider for mage hand'ing something (like one of the 'numerous cutting implements') at one of the goblins? Propelling it would be a move action as per the spell, but the spirit of the rules makes me think that it'd count as a standard action for the purpose of the propelling being an attack.

So would it be something as simple as standard action to cast, then move action to propel, and since a goblin 'happens' to be in the way, roll a confirmation to hit? Or something more in line with the rules, where round A could be a standard action to cast, and a move action to maybe either position the object more appropriately for an attack (like moving the stew pot, which [realistically] is probably more than 5 pounds, above one of the goblins) or do whatever else with a move action, and then round B is a move action to propel the object at the target, with a standard action to perform the actual ranged attack?

Mage Hand

Any time you have a question about how a spell functions, go ahead and link it so we all are using the same reference.

Okay. Spell description seems pretty clear. Simple action to cast, and the effect is make a small object move. Nothing about requiring a round to accelerate to attack speed seems to be implied to me. The obvious effect would be to use it for hurling rocks, salt shakers, and so on at someone. As well as making the cups and dishes wash themselves or whatever show off things a mage wanted to do. But in this instance, I think we will focus on the attack options. Okay, so 'pick up and attack' seem to me to be part of the same action of the spell.

In the interest of not making this more complicated than it needs to be, but at the same time preserving against the Law of Unintended Consequences....

Using Mage Hand to pick up something and throw it as an attack is accomplishable in one round of activity. You cannot perform any other attacks during this time. Since the duration of the spell is 'Concentration' you cannot cast any other spells while maintaining a Mage Hand. But in future times, should you be using Mage Hand to hold something up and wanted to perform an attack with a normal weapon, it will require a Concentration Check to maintain your Mage Hand.

Damage for Mage Hand Hurled Objects will be a variable of course, but you will not get your Dexterity Bonus to the Attack Roll. If you took Point Blank Shot, I might allow it. And if you took 'Finesse' I think I would let your Spell Stat Bonus (Cha for Oracles) count into your Attack Roll, but you probably have better things to do with your Feat choices.

For the application in the current situation, dagger or other type of thrown kitchen pointy object will be 1d3. You can hurl more strongly with your arm than you can with the Mage Hand, so damage is reduced. Also, pretty much most "Level Zero" spell effects do 1d3 damage and I see no reason to alter that.


Man, you just can't get a break on the climb checks.

Ah, but it is feasible. That's cool. Thanks for the clarification.

Memo to self: Pick up a crossbow sometime in the future.

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