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Dark Orchid is fine for your psicrystal.

For just regular old speaking to other people using your mouth... Just boldface. No colors. Especially with as large a group as we have, there are not enough unique colors to go around anyways. And bold really is all you need. Frankly I'd go without that but it just is too all pervasive in Mythweavers.

...and as long as I'm kabitzing on posts...

Given a chance, I would do without any dice rolling. Insofar as it pertains to things like "I'm looking for a good seat" or "Can I catch a butterfly" Just go with what you want. Make it sound good, but I really am not at all interested in judging if you can find a good seat or catch a butterfly. If you want to make the roll for yourself and then use it to decide how well you did, go for it. But don't wait on me to DM an answer on the 'to hit' roll for a butterfly.

Climbing that greased pole is another story. I will get to that.

When the Time Comes to Post in Combat

Please use the following format. Post your character's actions. In a spoiler tag at the bottom of your post, post the OOC information and your dice rolls. Example :

Her attention caught by the sound of screaming in the kitchen, Ninniach scrambles over the counter while drawing her dagger. Taking note of the rat as she comes through the doorway, the half elf girl flings her knife and tries to end it's life before the rabid little critter can reach her friend the cook.

If after the 'posting' you notice you may have a critical hit or a fumble, you can edit your post to add in those rolls. Be careful you do not accidentally erase your initial rolls. If you are really worried about that, you can always make a separate post of strictly OOC information to add crits or fumble rolls.

For example, if the above action had resulted in a failure on the 'leap the counter' check, the player could have edited it to "slipped on a puddle of beer and failed to get over the counter and was unable to throw her dagger" or something to that effect. Do not delete the dice. It makes big warnings happen on the post.

Which tags you use do not matter. You can use roll tags if you want, tho I prefer to not have to hold my mouse over things to see what they are.

I just do not like them inserted into the writing. Some people like it, I find it distracting.

I agree it is distracting, but if there is no preference in tags, I'll use dice tags. I generally roll attack first then post. If its very low I say under ten; then I usually don't post roll damage unless they are helpless or some other condition..

Apologies for the crudeness of the maps.

For the life of me I cannot find the program I used to use for this.

Please do not post links of map programs. I can google for myself.

Just annoyed that I cannot remember which one I used to use that was so easy. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was maptools, but I can't seem to remember how to make it work properly.

Ok, I am back now. Didn't have time edit my post before it was time to leave.

Colors are actually pretty useful, IMO. Usually in psionic characters I pick a color and then use the formatting below for diferent situations.

I like having my character interact with their psicrystals a bit (for example by an internal dialogue justifying or explaining a complex decision) and said format really helps there since it allows all those different types of speaking and thinking to stand out from narrative text which is plain text. If you don't like it I have no problem using a format that you prefer.

I d only request however that you create an announcement thread where all those rules are gathered for future reference. One example where that would help is combat formating. After a combat where roleplay comes it may take a week or more before we are in combat again and one may not remember what combat posting format you prefer (or get confused by a format used for a nother game). It would greatly help if those guidelines are on a thread for themselves allowing easy access.

My thoughts about posting in color are already detailed here.

But the short for is, you're wrong. It is not useful. I have eleven players still, so trying to find a unique color for everyone is problematic at best. And as we've already gone around on finding a color with just one person that I can read without getting a headache, I really do not want to imagine how much more trouble it would be to find one for everyone.

Everyone posting in different colors just looks like someone vomited crayons on the screen to me. I do it in games where I'm not the GM because other people like it. For me, I really would prefer no bold face, no italics, no nothing. I can read quotations and I can read when someone posts : Telepathically I contact my friend : and I know that whatever follows is in telepathic mode.

But using boldface isn't too bad on my eyes and does pick out conversations. So I am using the boldface shtick.

But don't use colors unless you have a really large post that you are concerned someone might miss your name in. And then you only use bold and dark red on your own name so you highlight the fact that you are saying something.

I did post the formatting I prefer to use in actual play already. I reiterated it at the beginning of combat because some folks do not go through all my forums and find all the notes I've made.


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