A01 - S01 - ooc

Actually, I was planning on seeing Skyfall, then my buddy decided to change it up on me to Flight. Besides the first minute... I wish I could get those 2:39 back. I'd rather be doing anything else.

Testing a Thing

The source material is of different sizes. The Icon Maker put them all closer to the same size. I can switch with anyone who comes up with a different one, but for this set at least, here is what I am using.










Did I miss anyone?

Some NPCs

Noble Guy in Trouble that the Sawmill Crew is about to meet

(Cause I am unfond of the crazy spiky green hair thing they use)

Ill need to toss one up but havent had time to do much online. Just got married and may be moving with a new job. I can try searching tonight or you can grab something for me if you want to speed it up. Im not picky.

Do I not have one for you?

You're Rodrick, right?

I have something to represent you for now. Not changing the maps at this point anyways, so don't worry. If you want to be changed, post it when you get the time. But it isn't a big deal.

Will take care of it next round. I already made the maps for this one but never decided on a coordinate system so I will be redoing them pretty completely next round.

I should have looked at the applications. Apologies.

Also; you guys in the pole climbing stuff can RP it up a little. I suggest making your rolls first and saving it. Then writing up your reactions to your rolls.

Is it just me, or does the picture chosen for Shalelu kind of look like Callisto from Xena with pointy ears?

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