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This is what I meant by reading something and forgetting about it later :o

Thnanks for reminding me, I ll check them up again. Started two new games pretty much at the same time and I may have been a bit confused :o

Stuff happens. No big deal. This is why I tend to restate things or loop links to them at various points.

Most of the formatting stuff is no big deal. But the colors really do give me headaches.

Climbing a Pole

So then... looking at Climb Checks we have a DC of about 20.

the pole is knobby, just a tree trunk that's been stripped of it's bark. But it is a bit smooth as well, sanded the bigger projections down to keep it from being too easy. But then again, after the first five feet or so you can wrap your arms around it and shinny. It isn't elegant, but it is upwards progress. So I'm going with a base of 15 with +5 for slippery. You, of course, cannot take ten under the current situation. And anyone moving too slow or methodical became the target of mudballs during the day.

But your real hazard is the other climbers. You've got two serious lumberjack types and a drunk townie. Drunk isn't going to be much of a climber, but he's got a decent grip and feeling no pain.

Grom currently has a significant advantage. He can choose to have that mean he has a clear escape from others for the moment and make a climb check. Or he can choose to have a headlock on someone and prevent them from climbing at all.

Noshu and Woodsman 2 are in a tie, a significant enough lead over the others that I will allow Noshu the choice; either she has removed the Drunk from the contest by what ever means she desires, or she is climbing just below Grom.

Persons 'tossed out' will require one full round to recover and get back into the mudpit.

Climbing the pole will require five successes. Two failures in a row means you slid back one 'success' of your climb. Two successes without anyone else succeeding means you are out of reach for being pulled down.

Current Standing :
Grom has a chance to climb or have superior grapple on one other contestant of his choice.
Noshu has a chance to climb or have a superior grapple on the Drunk.
Woodsman One is being tossed out of the contest by his friend
Woodsman Two is choosing to remove what he sees as his major opponent, his friend the other Woodsman, and I will post the results when Grom and Noshu make their choices.
The Drunk is currently staggering towards the half naked chick that is mud wrestling

And, of course, if Grom chooses to toss someone out for a round then I will adjust.

I see the age problem. I'm not stuck on 80. She is an elf so I figured 80 made her the equivalent of a teenager, but she did grow up entirely amongst humans, so 30 is probably easier and more reasonable under the circumstances. Her personality is neither human nor elven but something of each, without being a half elf.

Will post shortly. Do you object to a little character picture as part of each post (I do it in most games) but won't do it if you feel it clutters up. (its just to show who is posting and provides a quick link to the character sheet).

I don't usually post pictures but it doesn't bother me.

Okay, so if you're sticking with Shaelelu as your mother figure, we can find a place other than the Turandarok Academy if you really want to have been housed with an individual in town while Shaelelu was out in the woods, but the dead cleric won't work out for it.

All minor details really. Glad to see you back.

Was busy writing a paper on the evolution of psychodynamic analysis. Just finished it. Presenting it tommorrow

psychodynamic :o that's a cool term I haven't heard before! And from what Wikipedia has to say it's not even a new one :o^2

Just reading that made my head hurt.

Grom has indicated he will go for the climb.


BTW, you don't have to wait for me on this. Just post it while we bug Aurore.

Yeah I'll go for the climb too. Wait until the drunk actually tries something before I tear his throat out with my teeth.

Ok posted. The acrobatics was intended as a jump up, if necessary by bouncing off someones back Followed by a climb roll.


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