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Argentina's flagship detained in Ghana

Striking? What do you mean? You talking about the Gendarmerie protests about salary? That's military police, not armed forces per se. We do not have military protests, although they dislike the government intensely.

Imagine if everyone who had a debt had military ships and aircraft taken -- where would they end up ??

Unfortunately Kuzco, even though they took your flagship, it will count for nothing against the interest your country (and lots of others) have to pay each month on monies outstanding.

The IMF have lots to answer for in my opinion ...

A military ship being seized could be seen an endangering the country's safety and sovereignty, and I would regard it as an act of war. Seizing something commercial, but government-owned, I would be able to justify.

It's not a flagship, it's a training ship. The interest is minimal, but also been struck down by a US Judge.

WG this is a much more powerful attack than a military strike, it is a threat to credit.

One important lesson could have been learnt from my country. When at communist collapse were about to default on external debt, our gov reorganized the structure of ship companies and our national airline, to be able to claim that they are separate companies, partially owned by private shareholders, thus such property could not be seized as a way to reclaim debt.

Maybe Argentinian ships should be rented by Argentinian gov from independent contractors?

Or maybe they could give up on become the South American superpower until their economy is sorted out.

Just a note: the current geopolitical goal is not to be superpower thankyouverymuch, that is Brazil's achievement. It seems we are trying to consolidate Mercosur and Unasur as political blocs, and to shift from primary agricultural to partially industrial economy.


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