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Who needs centaurs when you have Drow squids?

Who needs centaurs when you have Drow squids?

I was hoping for a discussion of the Tauric template, which I believe is in Monster Manual 2 though I could be wrong about the location. I think it's a great way to make unique monsters without making something wholly new. My favorite Tauric creation are the Tygdaran (Tig Dar En) which do bend the rules of the template slightly. The rules say a large animal and a medium humanoid, Tygdaran are medium Drow torso with a medium squid lower half. They fight with swim by spear or ink attacks, their ink cloud also has a similar effect of Drow sleep poison. Their physiology is fun and bizarre, because a squids mouth is in it's lower half they have an additional bite attack on a grapple. Tygdaran are vicious omnivores that strip an area of resources then move on, in my own campaign world their leader is a huge sized Tygdaran female that is their brood queen, named Ursala.?

Any ideas for other good Tauric combinations?

I was thinking something along the lines of a Polar Bear crossed with a Dwarf. Not sure what I'd call it, but I'd damn sure be running in fear

IIRC, the template says "one small or medium humanoid and one medium or large base creature"

So the tygdaran you created seems legit.

This made me think, but I'm not sure I can come up with anything good (love the Tygdaran's ... completely new and different).

Was thinking what humanoid (peep) torso I could put with an animal and got nothing:

peep and seal (mermaids/ mermen really), peep and insects (driders), peep and lion (sphinx), peep and elephant (just silly, there is no way you could keep that mass of animal fed with a peep mouth), peep and giraffe (once again, just silly)

Going the other way, creatures head with humanoid (peep) body:

bull and peep (minotaur), elephant and peep (duh ... the elephant man), rhino and peep (Dr Who's Judoon), most are just a derivation of the same ...

I'm stumped

Originally Posted by silveroak View Post
What about hippogryph/goblin?
I.... I.... Uh.... Creepy!
How about a Tiefling Whale hybrid?
an Avariel Walrus?

Elephant body with a Hill Giant or Troll Torso.

In my campaign world one of the gods is a Giant/Blue whale worshiped as Poseidon

The other end of the spectrum is the worst Tauric creature I came up with, an Orc Centipede. Light blind, stupid, and ugly from orc, slow and weak from the centipede plus you lose the poisonous bite.

I did make a group of Tauric Orc Scorpian that were a lot of fun, the Skorshien (Score Sheen) they had a climb speed and came down a hallway like the xenomorphs from Alien. The funny thing was, I made a huge sized Skorshien king, the party found him in the middle of the day fast asleep. One of the characters flew to the ceiling of the chamber and dropped a forty pound block of brass onto his head, killing him instantly. The moral of this story, never give a party a forty pound block of brass

Cutest Tauric creature, Halfling beagles. Pudgy little friendly guys who might buy you a beer or might hump your leg ;-)

Originally Posted by Bumblor View Post
Cutest Tauric creature, Halfling beagles. Pudgy little friendly guys who might buy you a beer or might hump your leg ;-)
Actually, I was thinking that for cutest, it would be a Kender Kitten hybrid


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