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Who needs centaurs when you have Drow squids?

I'm thinking anything with kender it in is clearly the spawn of Satan and must be destroyed lest untold horror and suffering occur.

That goes for kittens, too...

In a Pathfinder game here, I'm playing a Goblin-Dogtaur, mostly RP rather than mechanics. Cause if you can't find the joke in a goblin crossed with a dog,... I can't even finish that sentence.

PS- His tail is a tentacle.

PSS- And he's half construct.

Wow...just wow. That's so ridiculous it's awesome. I approve.

Another cheesy, silly template I've used is Anthropomorphic. For the life of me, I can't remember where it's from but it spawned such ridiculous characters as the Whale Monk (nine attacks including a tail slap, echolocation blind sight, and dynamite stats) and the Squid Cavalier (six handing a dire lance, riding a shark, doing 4x damage on a charge)

Originally Posted by steampunkadept View Post
I was thinking something along the lines of a Polar Bear crossed with a Dwarf. Not sure what I'd call it, but I'd damn sure be running in fear

called a female dwarf

Not nearly as silly but I've always had a soft spot for my Anthro monkey ninja. Although I wonder if these days I wouldn't rebuild him as a Swordsage.

Story about anthropomorphic animals.
In my current live group, we bought a wand of summon monster 1.
The wand summoned the same Celestial Monkey each time it was used.
The monkey was our trap disabler, he died many times in doing so.
Eventually the monkey got pissed.

One campaign later, I'm playing an Anthropomorphic Monkey with the Celestial Creature template. My entire purpose is to find, and kill, ever member of the party that abused me because of that god damned wand!!!!


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