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D20/D&D with bits of Fate

D20/D&D with bits of Fate

Has anyone thought of or played with Aspects and/or fate points worked into D&D? Not full blown 3.5, but something more the speed of retro-clone/Microlite20/AD&D?

For the past week or so I've been thinking about putting High Concept/Trouble and perhaps 2 aspects into character creation at first level. 3 to 4 Fate points. As the characters rise in level, say every 5 levels, add an aspect and a point of refresh/Fate point to the character. Fate points would act much as they do in their home system, with a +5 instead of +2, perhaps +10. +2 in Fate is a big swing over normal dice results, so I don't know if +5 is enough "Umph" in d20.

Any Fate experts see any real trouble with the interaction here? I'm thinking about pit falls that I'm not seeing here. I worry about what will happen boosting spell casters of the D&D tradition with the issues they already bring to the table. Thoughts and comments folks of the Weave?

I've certainly toyed with this idea myself, but never got it off the ground. +5 seems like a huge swing to me, but FATE is built on a 4d3 bell curve (in effect) so a +2 can swing anywhere from about 40% to 20% assuming the task was even possible without the modifier. Since +5 is only 25%, that's probably good enough. Also, the alternative is a reroll, which averages to about a +4 assuming the player only rerolls bad rolls.

Fate points actually won't help spell casters all that much, they rarely make checks aside from the occasional touch attack or caster level check. They're a much bigger benefit to melee, which inclines me to think they must be a good idea. However, casters aren't left out entirely, they're much more likely to have the skills to make declarations.

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