The Chronicles of the Sunset

The Chronicles of the Sunset

Garak reentered the tavern with a scowl on his face. There was something new bothering him, but it was quickly dismissed as he resumed his normal blank emotionless look.

He saw Lorem leaving the meeting room. "Sorry...I had to rush off right away to verify some information..." He looks bothered by something, but nodded back towards the small room. "We need to continue in here so we can have privacy for what I'm about to disclose."

Garak had just caught the tail end of Karnak's questions about where to have their feast. "Karnak, if we may, the food in here would be better, as we have much to discuss and need our privacy. Your efforts to accommodate us is appreciated." Garak's words were surprisingly pleasant.

Once the man left the room again, Garak stretched a bit and then took a seat.

"I am sure that each of us has some information that will complete the story I'm about to tell. If we can each tell our particular parts, despite being sleepy, wanting to be elsewhere, or thinking that your part is insignificant, then I am certain we can begin to unfurl what is going on and what we're facing. The fact of the matter is that we're no longer facing some simple mage in a cave full of orcs..." The assassin left his thoughts just at that for the moment.

"And with that, you now know everything that I've learned. While we could launch into one of many directions, the rest of you need to fully disclose what all you know regardless of how insignificant it may seem. I suspect that our days of fighting only mortals are becoming quite limited. After all, we all know the purpose of the Order, and by Zetroc's own testimony, we've apparetly earned the attention of the Wizard's Council at the least. Who knows what person or power rests in command over Andrej."

Garak then pulled a fresh mug of ale from the central table and returned to a position in a dark corner where he could sit upon a sealed crate, enjoy his drink, and listen to the discussion of the others.

Garak remembered a final bit to his story and spoke up once again. "I have a head of one of the mages that was sent to attack Saerb. If Harrod and Judith don't want to share or can't remember details, then Raz, you can have fun with the deceased. I didn't know if you just needed the head or the entire body, but I have all of it, just in case, in my pack."

Now he was done.

The rogue sat in silence and pondered all the details. There was more that he didn't know. He hoped the others would be able to piece some of it together.

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