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The Autumn Court

Never played the setting, but it sounds ALOT like the setting of the video game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Salvatore helped write the plot if memory serves. You might get some good RP insight if you play it.

So how's the process coming boss? Any decisions on some purviews/areas of power etc?

Just curious. . .

It's a slow process. The GM has been busy and we're still in the throwing out ideas stage to see what sticks.

Right on, curiosity satisfied . . . . . . FOR NOW!?!

( Mweh he he ha HA)

This post contains spoilers for Jim Butcher's new Dresden novel, Cold Days. DO NOT CLICK ON THEM if you don't want major plot points hinted at before you've read the book. I have attempted to leave them vague, but they are still spoilers.

So as discussion has slowly proceeded, and especially with the release of Cold Days, we have revised our concept of what the fleeting courts are for.

I have set aside the idea of the Lost Courts being conquered as part of a climate change survival strategy, for now anyway. It's pretty unfinished, but I like how it hangs together, and it will probably appear in my own cannon games.

Ruben, the genius that he is, has conceived of a few concepts as far as the minor courts go:

The terms "Eternal" to describe Winter & Summer Courts, and "Fleeting" to describe Spring/Autumn Courts.
(I haven't discussed Adseelie and Abseelie, for Spring and Autumn, but I think that's another I'll push for.)

The role of Autumn as:
Originally Posted by Ruben
The Autumn Courtiers were assigned as "Guardians of Hedge" - it was their job to track down any fey who strayed too far into the mortal world and either slay them or pull them back. Sometimes these hunts were large and it was this that lead to the confusion with the Wild Hunt (which is a totally different thing).

It was also the job of the Autumn Court to deal with encroach of humanity and to strike fear into the mortals to keep them from getting too curious. Thus the whole "Guardians of the Hedge." They had to deal with both sides and often sired changelings or took on mortal vassals to help with things. They are aligned with the element of air, the emotion of fear, and the concept of hunting.
We talked about and agreed on a few unique traits of Autumn to set them apart from the other seasons as sharply as Winter is from Summer:
Originally Posted by AugustusGloop
Let's incorporate Harvest into the Fear/Reaping dynamic, as a policy of rewarding mortals that keep to the old agreements between Mortals and Fae, or that provide aid to the servants of the Autumn Father/King/Lord. Autumn can be terrifying and grim, but they are also the least likely to twist deals made in the old way, and fulfilled in good faith. Per their "Guardians of the Hedge" policy, they are the segregationist faction, wanting to limit interaction between the Fae and mortal worlds, except as prescribed by the old agreements.
This sort of makes Autumn the most reliable and dependable (remember, these are still fae) of the courts, but also some of the most unforgiving and uncompassionate.

So while Autumn polices the border between the realms, Spring is the "Internal Affairs" of Autumn, and by extension every other court, making sure that Autumn doesn't overstep its bounds. We haven't explored this as much, although eventually one or more of the group will probably be aligned with Spring, so we will eventually.

I like it man, the way the revelations of Cold Days informed the organic growth of the courts.

Calling them the fleeting courts is also prett cool, and the guardians of the hedge . . . A lot of good stuff right there boss.
Did you guys discuss how the sponsored magic system would differ for autumn? Or how the nobility would work?
Also how's the concept coming hoss?
A lot of good ideas, I'm sure the game your prepping for will be amazing man.

We haven't talked about their specific flavor of seelie magic, except that it would conform to the elements we defined as being Autumn's. Hunting, reaping, fear, a lessening of power, enforcing of contracts, etc.

The Fleeting Courts will have male gendered nobility.

My character concept is that of an older man who is a long time Ecologist and Park Ranger with the National Parks Service. Aside from submitting his work reports, and the occasional grocery shopping, he has basically given up on trying to fit into civilized society anymore. He performs his custodial duties by living off the land and discouraging any mischief with a sour nature and a brandished shotgun.

I'm thinking that something is threatening his position, or maybe the land itself, forcing him to ally himself with Autumn in return for the power to act to protect what he cares about.

Right now I'm trying to figure out what powers he would gain initially, given a low refresh game combined with an Autumn Court that's just barely hanging on.


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