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Got a question on something, and I'm hoping I can get an answer on it.

I am currently running a pair of games, both of which share a couple of images and the house rules document I have established for the system. I wanted to attach all of this to each game, but I would have to have different copies and upload all the copies and attach them. Which takes up space and all.

Is there a way to upload a document once and attach it to posts in different games?

I recently had to look this up for one of my games and came across this:

That conversation is about images, but it easily translates to other files that you just want to link to. Basically, you use the attachment ID when linking to another post.

That's awesome. Thanks to the tip in the aforementioned link, I was able to just upload one copy of a document and then use the document URL to "attach" it to another post.

That's why this community is awesome - you guys all like helping people.


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