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"The Window" Sheet

"The Window" Sheet

Hi all,

First, is it possible to change the Freeform game system to Freeform/The Window- or even create a game system called "The Window"?

Secondly- could I request (if it's not been requested before) a sheet for The Window?

I imagine (due to the simplicity of the game) that the sheet for The Window games might be only one page long.

There are one or two games running The Window here now- but in my time stalking The Weave I have seen multiple people (both long term players and newbies) running this system. Nautilus is currently one of the bigger names utilizing it right now.

It really is a brilliant system that assists in running a freeform to no small end.

Sorry if this is a lot to ask but it's a unique gaming system that really warrants its own love and care in the form of a sheet

1) It could probably get it's own system.
2) Add it to the list, and if someone has the time they will look at it. I will say this though, your chance of it actually getting done go above 0% if you supply a pdf or other example of what the sheet should look like.

I will personally draw you a copy of the sheet and scan it. Haha.

However if it's a formatted PDF you need I shall need to secure some Word/PDF wizards. Hmmm. I shall scout my resources.

Thanks for your help sir.

We need a picture to reference, basically. Explanations of how things work are also useful.

So I COULD hand draw you/sketch you an example of what I think the sheet needs to look like?

Could I put it in this thread for user review before asking you guys to do something with it?

You guys are brilliant. I'll get something thrown together over the next few days/week and put it up in Gaming Discussion.

Thanks for your prompt response and assistance.

Okay. I've got the sheet sketched. But no scanner. Will scan it Monday at work and write you out a brief explanation of what would be useful in the sheet in terms of coding/linking to other cells/boxes.

Tried using PDF scanner on my phone but couldn't get the right focal point under both daylight and an L.E.D lamp. Dammit.

Quick question on a slightly related note.

If we do these steps for systems that are missing sheets will that assist the admins in rolling out new sheets more quickly? I would really like to see some of the 40k sheets and I would be happy to assist in explaining the sheets and laying them out if it helps.


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