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"The Window" Sheet

Professional sheets that someone else produced and released are much more useful that a scan of someone's hand drawing concepts.

Otherwise it depends on the dev team.

If someone can point out software used to design a sheet- I'll happily professionally produce my own design I did for the window about a year ago.

Most sheets can be given a proffesional look in MS Excel with proper formatting. Drop a sexy watermark in the background and you're good to go!

Not a bad idea.... Might give it a shot. If the OP doesn't mind me treading his ground.

MW sheets are coded in php and html (though that may change soon). What we need is the look and feel, like the pdf sheets that most vendors supply.

So if I were to do one in word (somehow) and convert it to PDF, that would obviously be preferable.

Okay, I'll see how my office skills are and try and get on to that.

Apologies on the multiple posts on an OP topic, I love The Window system too so I'd like to see this go somewhere.

Attached is a very simple version of a character sheet for The Window, completely of my own design.

I open the floor for critiques and suggestions.

Also, here is a link to the freely downloadable rules.

The Window
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Nautilus I actually am very okay with that. Simple, elegant, set out so all is visible. I'd be inclined to nod my head sir.

Thanks TheRunestone.

EDIT: I would say a spot for a portrait would be a solid addition; top right-corner probably makes the most sense. Or perhaps even centered at the top with the NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION on the left, HEIGHT, WEIGHT and GENDER on the right. Description could go somewhere else, underneath, whatever works. I'm noticing I didn't leave a ton of room for the description. Heh.

Now we just need to get one of the mods to tackle it for us and we're golden!


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