Character Creation Rules and Applications

Character Creation Rules and Applications

Only one Application Post (in this thread) per person.

SettingUltimately I plan to select five players to start a series of mini-adventures using the Curse of the Crimson Throne AP, changing things slightly to match the fictitious city of
Parthacia. This is city in the world of Pathfinder, not specifically located on the map of the Inner Sea so it can be within 2-3 days of anywhere in Golarion if necessary to springboard into other published adventures or APs.

Rule Books and SourcesPathfinder RPG
- Core Rulebook (SRD)
- Advanced Player's Guide (SRD) - No Hero Points
- Ultimate Magic (SRD) - Only Classes, Archtypes, Feats, and Spells are allowed at this time.
- Ultimate Combat - Only Classes, Archtypes, and Feats at this time. No Guns or Gunslinger.
- Pathfinder Chronicles: Gods and Magic
- Pathfinder Chronicles: Inner Sea World Guide
- Pathfinder Bestiary (PC Races of Aasimar, Tiefling, and Tengu)
- Pathfinder Bestiary 2 (PC Races of Fetchling, Grippli, Ifrit, Oread, Sylph, and Undine)
- Appropriate Player's Guide of the AP being used
- See General House Rules for modifications

1st Phase Character GenerationInitial Phase, running until application close out date
- Submit basic application only (1 per person)
- Only decide party role, no classes
- Summarize concept in one sentence
- Choose picture to represent character and written description (1 paragraph only)
- Need Personality (1 paragraph only)
- Background (2 paragraphs only)
- List strengths and weaknesses
- Must answer
1. Your experience with the rules
2. Your experience with PbP
3. Expectations for playing and what you want out of the experience
4. Anticipated frequency of participation
5. Philosophy as a PbP player
6. Why you are applying for the game
questionnaire, answers entered in Privacy Text block.
- Pick a starting pre-game IC thread, but can switch threads while moving around
- Can expect to be judged as a player, not just based on character created.

There will be 5 different Sandbox style pre-game threads, Sword and Axe Tavern, The Coliseum, The Shopping Plaza, The Public Bathhouse, or Roaming the Streets. These initial pre-game IC threads are DM-free zones. Boundaries are defined with basic descriptions for the 4 locations and Roaming the Streets will be for anywhere else your characters might go as they move throughout the city. There will be no DM run NPCs. However, there could be an occasional plothook thrown out there for players to react to and run with. If you are intending to go completely crazy or think you are going off the reservation, please ask questions beforehand.

2nd Phase Character GenerationTop 10 applicants move on to Phase 2 about 1 week after applications are closed:
- Free to discuss and change character from Phase 1
- Fully flushed out
* Characters are level 1
* Abilities: Roll 6m4d6v1r1 or Take 25pt buy (may decide after rolling)(Max ability score of 16 before racial adjustment)
* Max HP at Level 1, Max HP-2 for levels after that
* Races (from above sources only)
* Good or Neutral Alignments only
* 150gp or Average starting money (Whichever is higher)
* 2 Starting Traits (from above sources only)
* Animal Companions and Eidolons use the same HP rules as player characters
character sheet, See General House Rules for further guidelines
- Write expanded background
- Applicants split up into two groups in two separate IC threads
- Only 2 weeks role-playing before final selections, potential for DM run NPC appearances
- Select 5 to move onto the Adventure Path
- Other 5 can continue to role-play free-form in the city and be alternates unless a co-DM can be found to run second group

NOTE: Please only use this thread for Applications. Questions belong in the OOC Thread: Application Questions

Atesin Kevakib

Name: Atesin Kevakib
Race: Human, Keleshite
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Party Role: Frontline Fighter/Minor Healing and Boosting
Concept: Mortal incarnation of the flame of hope and optimism.
Description: Olive-hued skin covers this young woman, topped with short, unruly hair with brassy highlights. Settled in the young woman's face are near-golden eyes, almond in shape, over a slender nose and near-constant smile. Her body is lithe and agile, yet there is a firmness and strength in her stance and presence. She dresses in lighter colors, and seems to lean towards golden hues with whites or blues - and while the clothing itself is utilitarian in cut, there are embellishments showing hints of a joy in all things beautiful, or perhaps a little vanity.
Personality: An eternal optimist, Atesin nearly glows with her joy in the world itself, her faith in the good in people, and the eternal flame of hope. Always looking on the bright-side of things, Atesin might be annoying to some, typically not ever wanting to see evil in the mortal races - demons, devils and the undead are an entirely different manner. Steadfast in her faith of Sarenae, she does her best to praise the Dawnflower, without being annoyingly preachy - but woe be to the person who wishes to hear more, for Atesin will go on as long as that person can handle. Naive to a fault at times, Atesin is utterly loyal to those close to her.
Background:Atesin has always been an odd child. Born of the Badawi of Katapesh, Atesin rarely hid herself from the sun. She constantly would comment as her mother or siblings drew her back into the protective shade of the tents that the Sun's Embrace was just as gentle as her own mother's. The youngest child of a Badawi Chief, Atesin was destined to be married off to another clan to ensure peace between the two - her father never hid this fact. Atesin, however, never despaired, for in her heart, she knew that was not her destiny. She knew her destiny was with the Sun.
After refusing to marry who her family wanted, Atesin left, trusting the Dawnflower to guide her. Eventually, after some travelling on her own, Atesin she came across a small group traveling, heavily armed in the Katapeshi climate. She asked to travel with them, but at last had nothing left to offer them of value. The head of the group just smiled and shook his head, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I can see the Sun has kissed you, Sister," he offered, and welcomed Atesin to travel with them to their garrison, where she would be trained as a paladin of Sarenae.
Absolute Unwavering Faith in Sarenae
Eternal Optimist
Hopeful in All Things

IC Thread: Roaming the Streets - Trying to find a Temple of Sarenae or just taking in the city

Name: Tcheperak Eastbreeze
Concept: Warrior-philosopher with a very Darwinian philosophy
Party Role: Frontline combatant

Strengths: Martial skill, Determination, Knowledge
Weaknesses: Inexperience, Callousness, Overconfidence

Name: "Most everybody just calls me Chirp."

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Name: Skeeve Plowse's Sheet
Race: Human
Party Role: Adventurer-for-Hire and Specialist in the Arcane
Starting Thread: Main Shopping Square

Skeeve looks like the epitome of the dashing swordsman; over six feet tall, with roguish good looks, and a really snappy swashbuckler's hat that matches his purple cloak, all of stylish make. Otherwise, he usually dresses in dark colours, a tunic and breeches, with the sleeves rolled up, and sturdy, but expensive-looking, leather boots on his feet.

Personality-wise, Skeeve is charming, or at least he likes to think so. He's polite and witty, but is surprisingly cerebral, and on any given night is equally as likely to spend it alone studying as he is in the common room of an inn, having a good time. If you can earn his loyalty, he's as brave and considerate a companion as one could ask for, willing to lay down his life for the people he cares about, and once he gives his word, he keeps to it; however, getting a promise out of him is not easy to do.

Tessara Talathel "Mariel" Varial
Tessara Talathel "Mariel" Varial (Yes four names)
Race and Gender: Female Elf
Age 137
Party Role: Support / Damage Dealer
Concept: Innocent and Naïve young woman drawn into things much larger than her.

  • 1: Optimistic
  • 2: Book Smart
  • 3: Better Hearing

  • 1: Blind: Mariel cannot see at all.
  • 2: Far To Trusting
  • 3: Naive
  • 4: Absent Minded
  • 5: Hard to Say No

Starring IC thread: Sword and Axe Tavern

All credit for the picture belongs to ~CrashedMyHarley (Will replace with something a friend is drawing however)
Credit to Zeus for the format!

(Crap, another blind character, now I'm going to feel like I copied Celtic.) [/QUOTE]

Ikari, Female Witch

DISCLAIMER: I am not submitting a character for my group, but for a second or third group. This is not an NPC.

Character Name: Ikari Carlisle
Gender/Race: Female Elf
Concept: Naive woman with arcane powers and questionable morals
Party Role: Arcane caster
Strengths: Intelligent, good-hearted, quick/agile, friendly, attractive
Weaknesses: Naive, not very strong, questionable morals, can be vindictive and vengeful

Description: Ikari is an attractive young elven woman with brown eyes and hair. She stands 5'6" with a slender and somewhat curvy figure. Her hair is long and wavy and falls past her shoulders and halfway down her back. Most of the time the thick locks cover her pointed ears. Her features have that angular exotic beauty that is elven, but reflects a mixture of some alleged fey heritage. Her movements often show a natural grace, that is effortless. She wears an outfit that is not terribly modest, mostly black with navy blue trim, and not very practical. Her black halter top reveals some cleavage and leaves her midriff bare. The black skirt is low on her hips and only reaches to about her knees. Her legs are bare with ankle boots of black leather with a modest heel on them. She wears some silver hooped earrings that dangle from her ears. Not subscribing to typical scholarly attire, she seems to think adventuring requires that she dress more like a nymph than to actually wear practical clothing.

Personality: Ikari is a friendly, sometimes "ditzy" seaming, who has a rather clueless and sheltered view of most things that she did not learn from a book. Nor does her lack of common sense help her overcome this image. But, she is actually quite bright and has learned a fair amount since she began her arcane dabbling. However, in times of danger or stress to things she cares about, she also has a dark side that, if triggered can be quite harsh, unthinking and violent.

As a young child, Ikari's elven parents were either killed or died of unknown causes, as she was too young to remember. But, she was taken in by some fairy folk for a while as it was believed that she had some shared heritage. However, the village of her parents thought she should be raised by elves and they took her back by force thinking the Fey had killed her parents. They put her into the care of a widower named Miles Carlisle who raised her as his own. She was too young to have any say in the matter.

So Ikari grew up knowing she was adopted and worked around Miles’ home just outside of a small seaport town near Parthacia. There she learned some skill at cooking and a bit of alchemy, but she was not so inclined to continue being a homemaker nor a simple merchant as a career choice, like her adopted father. Miles kept her busy with chores most of the time, but her heart called her towards something more. Either the alleged Fey in her bloodline, or the inherent magic of the elves, called to her spirit. She was no ordinary elven maiden, she has arcane power inside that was looking to get out. After Miles died, she traveled to Parthacia to start anew.

Character Name: Cantion Mancano
Gender/Race: Male Elf
Concept: Fourth son of an elven merchant house.
Party Role: Divine Spell Casting/Ranged Support
Strengths: Pragmatic, polite, efficient
Weaknesses: Unsympathetic, prone to snap decisions, competitive

Description: Cantion is tall and broad for an elf with dark hair but brilliant blue eyes. He generally keeps his hair just long enough to cover his ears, but lets it grow to cover his neck in the winter. His shoulders are powerful from long practice with the bow, and trying to keep up with his brothers. The rest of his physique could be described as wiry at best.

His clothing is practical, consisting of subdued but high quality leathers, though he often relies on magic to adapt to the weather. He typically wears his holy symbol under his clothing, especially while negotiating terms.

Cantion was a surprise to his parents. Elves don't often have large families, and both his mother and father were focused on raising his three older brothers and keeping their struggling trading house in the black. After his birth the family had several lucky breaks, which Cantion's mother attributed to Desna's intervention. His father never openly argued the point, but instilled the value of making one's own luck through preparation in the young elf. In the end, his mother swayed Cantion to enter Desna's service, and he was schooled in her temple. Upon graduation, he returned to the family business and was immediately set to work shepherding cargo on the riskiest routes. So far, Lady Fortune has seen him through every voyage successfully, and he has been appropriately thankful.

<<More to follow>>


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