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Character Name: George Prosper.
Gender/Race: Male Human.
Concept: Physician trying to find a balance between empathy and cynicism, nearing burnout and looking for more out of life.
Party Role: Arcane caster.

Note: The above image was originally created by GabeCub and is used with his permission.

Description: A short plump young human male with short brown hair and blue eyes. He often looks tired and grumpy. His skin is too pale from lack of exposure to sunlight. He has a tenor voice gone slightly hoarse from long hours and alcohol. He and his clothes are either very clean or stained with blood and other fluids, and he often smells faintly of herbs and sickness. He almost always wears the symbol of Pharasma somewhere on his person.

George's patients are sometimes superstitious about death omens, so his raven familiar, Moneta, is often not at his side. Instead, she perches or flies high above, watching over her master. Moneta speaks Common.

George owns three sharp knives with handles of bone. Each has been dedicated to Pharasma in one of her three major aspects: midwife, seer, and reaper. Sharla is named after George's mother and is used in surgery and also for cutting the umbilical cord. Lynette is named after his sister and is used for regular purposes like eating or cutting. Mina is named after his domineering paternal grandmother and is used solely for killing.

Personality: George Prosper was once a fairly ordinary boy, but over the years his studies, his work, and his worship of Pharasma have significantly altered his character. His grasp of local news and current gossip is shaky, but he can expound with authority and for hours about medical issues, death and undeath, magic, and babies.

At present, he is a workaholic who wants more out of life. He is tired of seeing patients day in and day out; the strain of caring, the routines of his job, and the lack of a social life pain him, and he abuses alcohol and the spell Polypurpose Panacea to compensate.

He wants excitement, companionship, adventure, fun, danger, and a chance to use his magic outside of a clinical setting.

One new and unusual characteristic of George is his secret fear of drugs and addiction. He is also very cautious lately about what he allows into his body, lest he be poisoned again.

Strengths: Shrewd. Learned. Caring. Persistent. Organized. Plans ahead. Responsible.

Weaknesses: Cynical. Depressed. Alcohol abuser. Morbid. Too Much Information.

Starting IC thread: Main Shopping Square.

Character Name: Ellgeon Tyvor
Gender/Race: Male Human
Concept: Con man; son of a disgraced Pathfinder
Party Role: Trapfinder/Scout/Fast-talker
  • Never Give Up: There’s a way out of every mess, no matter how dire. Ellgeon’s father taught him that, and Ellgeon saw it in action.
  • Focus: Yes, when he is in the field, Ellgeon can actually be a professional. He is cautious, attentive, and methodical in his work, and possesses an almost uncanny sixth sense about traps.
  • Silver Tongue, Quick Eyes: Ellgeon is a smooth talker, but it’s more than just talk. He can back up his discourse with observations, both about people and the mysteries of the world around him.

  • Lying Liar Who Lies: Ellgeon is quick, maybe too quick, to spin a tall tale or a story of a false identity. This makes the people who realize it not trust him very much.
  • A Long Shadow: His father’s disgrace follows Ellgeon around, especially among members of the Pathfinder Society.
  • Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em: Ellgeon has issues with commitment. It’s better if no one gets close, yet he cannot resist flirting.

Description: Ellgeon is of mixed Chelaxian blood, tall and rangy, with fair skin and black hair. His features are an odd combination of aristocratic and thuggish, and in spite of his aquiline nose, his forehead is too broad and his jaw too square for conventional attractiveness. There is something lit and lively in his eyes, however, and a smug curve to his mouth.

Personality: Ellgeon lives in a place of perpetual amusement, quick with a sardonic quip or irreverent observation about the world. He is essentially a good person who has taken some detours along the way, and while he affects and attitude of cool detachment, there are some things that matter to him a great deal.

Background: Ellgeon’s father was one of the rising stars of the Pathfinder Society - at least, until he was accused of murdering a fellow Pathfinder. The evidence was substantial; a senior Pathfinder was an eyewitness, and Sereven Tyvor didn’t bother to protest his innocence.

Instead, he ran.

Tyvor took off across Varisia and took his young son with him, dragging him from location to location in the most backwater places on the continent. Along the way, he continued to do what he knew, but instead of scouting out exotic locations for the Pathfinder Society, he found them and sold the secrets to whoever paid his handsome fee.

What he was doing what technically not illegal, but it went against everything the Society stood for, and Pathfinders swore to bring him in and stand trial for the murder. They tangled with several Sereven several times, but he somehow always managed to get away.

Ellgeon was his father’s assistant, and learned the tricks of the trade Sereven’s knee, becoming skilled in a wide variety of areas, all of which were useful in the field. One place they traveled extensively was Sargava. Sereven was looking for an ancient temple, but never found it, and eventually became obsessed.

Slowly a rift began to form between father and son, and Sereven, paranoid from many years of being hunted by the Society, began to suspect his son of treachery. After a particularly vehement argument, Sereven disappeared.

When the Society caught up with Ellgeon, the questioned him closely about his father’s whereabouts, and he could honestly say he did not know. They let him go then, but he has run afoul of Pathfinders several times since. They cannot help but wonder if one day the fugitive father will contact his son again.

Andrew Diarte
Character Sheet

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Andrew Diarte
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Alignment: Neutral, but with tendencies towards Law and Good.
Party Role: Multi-skilled expert and ranged combatant
Concept: A self-proclaimed "Hero for Hire", Andrew takes any job that will pay whether it be big or small.

  • Good guy at heart: Andrew may be full of himself, and he may present himself as a mercenary, but deep down there is some warmth in his heart. He tends to come through in the crunch despite all his faults. It is recognition of this trait that helps many people put up with him.
  • Competent: Andrew's pride in his skills may be overblown, but is justified. He is no shirker from hard work and he has trained long and hard to become the man he is today. His screw-ups (of which there are many) are not an indictment of his abilities so much as a combination of bad luck and a testament to his recklessness.
  • Honest: Andrew is known to be trustworthy and if he gives his word, he will do his very best to come through. His success rate may not be 100%, but his attempt rate is.
  • Self-sufficient: Andrew has never been one to take the easy road. With his heritage and his looks he could probably have coasted through life, possibly by latching onto a wealthy dowager. But he could not stand a meaningless and feckless life, he wants his worth to be measured in terms of his own accomplishments.

  • Full of himself: Andrew isn't a bad person, but he is far too proud of himself, not to mention a tad vain. Sometimes his ego runs away with him but fortunately for those around Andrew he is also prone to landing himself in undignified and embarassing situations which prevent his head inflating too far.
  • Doesn't think things through: Andrew is perfectly capable of thinking things through, but he rarely allows himself the time necessary to do so. Without someone around to be the voice of reason Andrew usually fails to assess a situation from all angles before rushing in, and it is this tendency to leap before he looks that lands him in hot water.
  • Won't accept charity: Andrew's determination to be self-sufficient is not always a good thing, and can manifest as foolish pride. Many a time he's made life harder for himself by refusing a friend's generous offer.
  • Shameless flirt: Andrew knows he's good-looking and charming, and he can't resist flirting with the women he meets. It is mostly harmless, and certainly has a way of improving the moods of the women he flatters, but it has gotten him in trouble with an angry husband or betrothed more than once.

Chargen Rolls

Campaign Trait
Treasure Hunter: statistically identical to boarded in Cheliax (200 gp additional equipment plus a map)
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Jata Mbuyi

A Mwangi (human) Aldori Swordlord (Fighter variant)
Name: Jata Mbuyi
Human Male
Age: 20
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Jata is of mixed Bekyar and Zenji heritage, he proudly represents his Mwangi heritage. His skin is dark and rich, with an evident warriors build. He is deceptively lithe for his 6'2" size. He weighs a solid 192. His arms and chest reflect the scars of his training using live blades. He wears a gold ear ring on each ear and one silver for the one ship he was on that sank. He has several nautical tattoos on his body. An anchor on his chest over his heart with the six ships he serves on as well as a tattoo of a pig on his left calve and a chicken on his right. His left and right wrist have tattoos of shackles and chains that are broken, in honor of his anti-slavery views and to honor his mother.

Jata is someone who is trying to prove himself. Many times he was looked down in Brevoy for being a foreigner and his manner of speech. He tends to sprinkle his speech with nautical phrases and can have a sailor's mouth because he was one.
While he may come off as brash, and thats not entirely wrong, he is secret embarrassed by his father's past and seeks to erase the stain of it by being more. He hates slavers and finds it hard to restrain himself around them.

Jata is the product of a slaver and a slave. His father was Bekyar, known slavers and demon worshipers and his mother Zenji, a people known for their harmony with nature. His father fell in love with his mother at first sight. It took a couple of years to change his outlook at his people and escaped with his mother to the Shackles, famous for piracy. It was the best place to hide from enemies was among open criminals.

He spent his formative years at sea and enjoyed the freedom from an otherwise violent life. He sailed on many ships, hearing the tales of the Inner Sea and of the Aldori Swordlords that fascinated him. Those stories grew more and more and became an obsession of a young teenage Jata. Saving his money and bidding his parents goodbye he travels for long months to Brevoy. Weather taken in by a level of natural talent, curiosity or for the humor of it he was taken in to be trained as a Sword Lord.

Strengths and weaknesses
He is highly talented and motivated. His has a strong streak of personal freedom even he doesn't fully know about.
His biggest weakness is slavers. His mother was one and his fathers remorseful stories of being one created a bitter hatred for the practice. This can blind him at times where a cooler head would prevail.

BlackPanther, let me know when you have your sheet completed and a link to it provided.

From Jata’s background, why would he be in Kovosa and have reason to help the city? You will need some explanation to cover that so I can figure out integrating him into the group.


I'll bet you a silver shield that my blade is faster than you.

Basic InformationRace: Human (Chelaxian)
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 116lbs
Class: Swashbuckler
Alignment: Neutral Good
Party Role: DPS
Theme Limits: None
Racial Features
Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.
Bonus Feat
Humans gain an additional skill point per level.
You really know how to make a good impression when you’re dressed well.

Benefit: Whenever you are wearing clothing and/or jewelry worth at least 150 gp (and not otherwise covered in gore, sewage, or other things that mar your overall look), you gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks. One of these skills (your choice) is a class skill for you.
Extremely Fashionable
You grew up among the outcasts and outlaws of your society, learning to forage and survive in an urban environment.

Benefits: Select one of the following skills: Disable Device, Escape Artist, or Sleight of Hand. You gain a +1 trait bonus on checks with that skill, and it is always a class skill for you.
Vagabond Child (Urban)
You can make additional attacks of opportunity.

Benefit: You may make a number of additional attacks of opportunity per round equal to your Dexterity bonus. With this feat, you may also make attacks of opportunity while flat-footed.

Normal: A character without this feat can make only one attack of opportunity per round and can't make attacks of opportunity while flat-footed.
Combat Reflexes
Choose one type of weapon. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple (or ray, if you are a spellcaster) as your weapon for the purposes of this feat.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon.
Weapon Focus (Rapier)
You can increase your defence at the expense of your accuracy.

Prerequisite: Int 13.

Benefit: You can choose to take a –1 penalty on melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +1 dodge bonus to your Armour Class. When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and every +4 thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the dodge bonus increases by +1. You can only choose to use this feat when you declare that you are making an attack or a full-attack action with a melee weapon. The effects of this feat last until your next turn.
Combat Expertise
AppearanceCamillia is typically Chelaxian with long, dark hair and pale skin. A youth spent working in the docks with her 'brothers' has given her a bit of a tan as well as a little more muscle than is typical of a lady. She dresses in simple clothing suitable for the weather favouring short jackets and loose blouses with tight trousers that don't restrict her movement. She carries a variety of blades with her at all times. She even has one in her boots.
PersonalityGenerally outgoing, Camillia gets on with most everyone she meets, even those who she targets for her sense of humour. Cam does think of herself as outrageously funny and sometimes targets one individual for one of her practical jokes. These are often elaborate and ridiculously convoluted affairs that culminate in some amusing mishap for her victim. She's toned these down in recent years after her brother nearly got into a duel as a result of her prank.

Not particularly religious she has no special place for gods in her life though she may drop a few coins into a poor box or mutter a few words of prayer for luck but most often she'll forget about her promises once the need for prayer is done with. She has an aversion to men of the cloth, particularly evangelicals and Asmodeus worshipper who she seeks to avoid.

Cam likes games more than most and will play at cards or tile games in a tavern or one of the board games with the old folk. She's not a great gambler usually but sometimes she'll set a small bag of coins aside for a series of bets just to see how long the money will last her before she loses it all.
BackgroundCam doesn't remember her parents at all. She was found at the age of three in the basement of a burned down hostel on the dockside of Parthacia. She was taken in by the prostitutes and beggars who bundled her in with their own in a kind of communal nursery. Before she was five she was helping the men and the older women sort through the valuables that they "found" and fiddle locks to get into strongboxes. She didn't understand what these were or where they came from but her little hands found joy in the work and she was good at it.

That was fortunate because it kept her from the same trade as her "aunts" as she grew up. Even though she was poor, as poor as a foundling even, she yearned for wealth and prestige. When a locked case containing a rapier found its way onto her table she purloined it for herself and then spent every free moment practising with the blade. Her 'brothers', the sons of the whores who she'd grown up with, helped her to train. They lacked training but a lifetime of running and fighting had made them capable. They soon got Cam into shape and before long she was even beating them in her practice duels. More importantly they taught her how to take advantage of an enemy's weakness.

As she reached adulthood the pimps and crime bosses demanded more than lock picking from little Cam, often more than she was willing to give. The street workers had kept her off the streets as a favour but she had to pull her weight somehow. She found some honest work moving crates and working as a guard on the warehouses. More often than not the gangs forced the warehouse owners to hire these guards so it wasn't a popular stint or one that led to more work.

She had a talent for fencing though and really wanted to do something with it. She tried to enrol in the fencing school but nobody wanted a "whore's bastard from Bridgefront" making a mess of their school. With a bit of luck she found an instructor, Finnegan Kine, a one time champion who had fallen on hard times and taken to drink. He'd train her for little more than a bottle of rum and a few silver shields each lesson. Sometimes he'd even wait to drink the rum until after her lesson. Eventually she exceeded him. She entered and won a couple of minor competitions, happy to convert the prize money to better equipment and fine clothing.

She recently found another instructor, Vencarlo Orsini, who runs his own eponymous academy in Old Korvosa. That made them practically neighbours, though she didn't mention that to him given that Bridgefront is a very poor part of the city and she is trying to appear better off.

~ Posting format ~

Camillia Cisero
Camillia will speak in "Bold Teal" and think in Italic teal.

Image credit: Unknown

Hoverfrog, welcome to Adventures in Golarion and the Crimson Throne. I checked the sheet and it appears to be all in order. I think I have a way to work you into the current scene right now. Look for Camillia to make an entrance in my latest IC post for Chapter 5. I would start getting to know the other players too in the OOC thread.

After accepting the Invite PM, attach your character sheet to the game as well. Thanks.

You also get 1566gp additional gold and your XP is set at the same as everyone else. 6347 XP

Hi, Hoverfrog! I know we've applied to some of the same games, and I think we may even have played in one together briefly but I can't remember for sure.



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