My biggest pet peeve is people not reading instructions properly or ignoring what is written. Expect to not be selected if this happens.

Due to the nature of PBP format allowing people to participate during their free time on their busy schedules, the expectations is that players are available to normally post once every few days, but hopefully at least once per day.

While participating in any In Character(IC) activity, any extended absence of over 2-3 days should be communicated to the DM and other players as a courtesy on the appropriate Out of Character (OOC) thread. If the situation is such that the player’s character is doing nothing or just following along, posts stating such should be used to acknowledge that the player has been reading the other posts and is current on the events in game. Extended lapses in posting by a player can have adverse effects on the group’s enthusiasm for the game. Communication is the key on player absences; the DM can NPC the player for the duration if necessary. Holding up the game is rude and inconsiderate towards the other players.

* It will feature tactical combats and still be as heavy role-playing as the players can make it.
* Posting frequency should be about once a day normally, minimum 3 times per week
* Players should have a reasonable knowledge of PF rules, or at least be able to look things up in the SRD before asking questions
* Any absence from the game for 2+ days be communicated OOC, absence for over 7 days RL without communication can be dropped
* People should use proper punctuation, Bold for normal speech, non-bold for whispering, italics only for thoughts.
* Mistakes will be made (no one is perfect), we will fix them and move on.